What were the most expensive and cheapest cities to live in Colombia in February?

The National Administrative Statistics Department of Colombia (DEN) announced this Consumer Price Index (CPI) February 2024, a measure that analyzes price variations of the main goods and services consumed by Colombian households.

He inflation data It continues to decline and this time it stands at 7.74%, which is lower than the 13.28% reported in the same month of 2023.

To determine inflation, Dan analyzes the price of more than 400 items in the family basket. They visit supermarkets, neighborhood shops, market squares and other places.

Inflation stood at 7.74% by February 2024.


The item that drove inflation during February was education. The return to school season sees families invest in the country’s schools and universities. “It happens every February and this was no exception,” said Piedad Urdinola, director of DEN.

“We are effectively controlling inflation and we have accumulated a value of 7.74% since February, which already includes the minimum wage, the latest adjustments in the price of gasoline, the price of tolls, ultra-processed foods. And taxes on sugar, drinks and also the cost of education are included,” said Ricardo Bonilla, the finance minister.

The most expensive and cheapest cities to live in Colombia by inflation

With the cutoff being February 2024, The city with the highest cost of living was Valledupar, By registering an annual variation of 10.13% in CPI. Caesar’s capital was the only capital with double-digit inflation data.

Inflation is the highest in Colombia over the past year in Valledupar.

picture:Courtesy of the Valdupar Mayor’s Office

In second place appeared Riohacha, La Guajira, with an inflation of 9.41%. And the podium was completed by Sincelejo, Sucre, reporting a CPI of 9.41%.

are far from these values cheapest cities to live, Inflation based on annual variation was 6.68% in Ibagué, Tolima. Popayán, Cauca came in second place with 6.34%. Villavicencio, Meta achieved lowest CPI At 5.57%.

Villavicencio’s CPI was the lowest in the previous year.


Inflation in the main cities of Colombia

According to the latest data from DEN, Bogotá reached a CPI of 7.61%; This was below the national inflation average, which reached 7.74%. This is a consolidated list of main capitals:

  • Valdupar- 10.13%
  • Riohacha – 9.41%
  • Sincelejo – 8.99%
  • Monteria – 8.88%
  • Santa Marta- 8.72%
  • Barranquilla – 8.52%
  • Medellín – 8.47%
  • Cartagena – 8.34%
  • Bogota – 7.61%
  • Bucaramanga – 7.54%
  • Armenia – 7.48%
  • Cali – 7.4%
  • Cucuta – 7.39%
  • Perera – 7.2%
  • Manizales – 7.14%
  • Tunja – 6.93%
  • Florence – 6.91%
  • Grass – 6.82%
  • Neeva – 6.73%
  • Ibagué – 6.68%
  • Popayan – 6.34%
  • Villavicencio – 5.57%

Cities where inflation increased the most in February 2024

Tunja, Boyacá, was the city with the largest monthly variation in CPIThat is, it had the biggest increase during February 2024, which was 1.92%. This was followed by Riohacha, La Guajira with 1.45% and Bogotá with 1.37%.

Tunja, capital of Boyacá.

picture:Sebastian Garcia. Time

instead of this, There was little difference in inflation in coastal cities, Cartagena, in bolivar, was 0.68%; While Valledupar, César, and Monterrey, Córdoba, were the cities that had the least price increases during the month.

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