Who is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s lesser-known brother, James ‘Trent’ Olsen? The eldest brother of The Row founder and Marvel star Elizabeth Olsen writes comics and TV shorts and was once on Full House

While we know a lot about the three Olsen sisters, less is known about their older brother James Olsen, who is known by his middle name, Trent.

Here’s what we know about the low-key Olsen brother, who still appears close to his siblings:

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Who are Trent Olsen’s parents?

Trent Olsen is the eldest of the siblings. She was born in Sherman Oaks, California in May 1984 to parents Jarnette and David Olsen. According to People, the 39-year-old is known by his middle name Trent, but his real name is actually James.

How many children does Olsen have?

There are six Olsen siblings in total. Trent, Mary-Kate and Ashley and Elizabeth were born to Jarnette and David Olsen, who divorced in 1996. David then married his second wife, Mackenzie Olsen, in 1996 and had two more children, Courtney and Jake. The youngest, Jake, who is interested in modeling and acting, told Runway magazine in 2016 about what kind of upbringing the family was like: “Growing up in our house was always interesting… there was a lot going on! I learned about respect from everyone in my family. In a family with six kids, you learn it’s not always about you.

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She further added, “I love every chaotic moment when my whole family is together. It’s more common than you think… We all support each other’s dreams.

What does Trent Olsen do?

Trent Olsen is two years older than his famous acting twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley. Photo: @djtront/Instagram
According to British media, Trent appeared in some of his sisters’ early videos Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Our first video And you are invited Mary-Kate and Ashley’s sleepover party, he also did a cameo entire houseBut ultimately he did not pursue a career in acting.

According to his IMDB, he is doing some work behind the scenes as a writer for a short film leaving yellowstoneon tv movie model behavior, And on the upcoming shorts, wanderer,

According to People, the University of Southern California graduate also worked at film, TV and podcast production house Storm King Productions in 2014 and wrote several comics between 2014 and 2016.

his love life

Trent Olsen recently rekindled his relationship with his long-term friend. Photo: @djtront/Instagram
Trent usually keeps his personal life private, but he shared a rare insight into his romantic situation in a public Instagram post last year. He said that he recently rekindled a relationship With his old friend Alexis Armistead, and since then they started dating.

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“It’s crazy to think that I met this person 20 years ago, with a lot of overlapping social circles, but very little time spent together,” he said, ending the caption, “I love you and it’s great to see Looking forward to what the next phase has in store… including my stupid girls, who are definitely starting to grow on you.’

He was the inspiration behind one of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s business ventures

Trent Olsen with his girlfriend Alexis Armistead. Photo: @djtront/Instagram

Sweetly, one of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s lifestyle brands, Elizabeth and James, is named after their two siblings, as reported in People.

Love is clearly mutual.

“I always thought it was an advantage to have an older twin sister,” Elizabeth previously told Harper’s Bazaar UK. “Watching them made me feel very clear about how I would navigate a lot of things. I also felt very safe.”

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