Dips, the 3-minute exercise you can do anywhere to get arms like Victoria Beckham

Contrary to what many people believe, the largest muscle in our arms And the one that has the most strength is not the biceps, but the triceps. What is its three-dimensional profile shapes our organsTherefore, to make the training effective it is necessary to work on it from different levels. We know that the stimulus capable of improving muscle condition is weight, so if we want the muscles to improve as much as possible it is essential to go to the gym and progressively increase the weight load. volume (which opens the door to the loss of stored fat in the area) as Force (Essential for many daily tasks).

Now, we cannot always go to the gym or have dumbbells, pulleys and other materials to work on this muscle at home. This does not mean that we cannot do it properly. He work with our body weight It is indicated for beginners who are beginning strength work, but is also recommended When you don’t have accessories With which to work so that the muscles do not lose the advanced path. In this sense, dips are presented as one of the most suitable exercises to work the triceps.

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What are dips?

dips are triceps background exercises This can be done anywhere, provided you have a step (bench, chair, table…) to lean on. Once you have that support, you can train your triceps by doing elbow push-ups Using your body weight as resistance. And they are not only useful for working out outside the gym, you will surely see many people doing them in these places because these are the type of exercises that start the routine, like a kind of warm-up. Where attention is focused on that muscle. In this way, we inform our brain that the triceps are involved that day, which Motor function improves significantly And the effectiveness of the routine.

How are dips made?

To do them correctly, start with sit with your back to the step (Bench, chair, table…) where you are going to exhibit your series. Bend your elbows back until you place your palms on the surface of the step on which you have rested your back. Once the position is secured, Lift your body up using force with your triceps Support your heels while keeping your legs and core active. The idea is to maintain the angle between the torso and legs as you lift and lower your body weight with the strength of your triceps, without touching the ground,

How many dips would it take to get Victoria Beckham’s arms?

Victoria Beckham works out with dumbbells in her gym, so her toning doesn’t come from dips. But, as we have seen, this exercise can be an ideal motor warm-up for days when you want to focus your training on your arms (especially the triceps). Whether as the main part of training or as a warm-up, the ideal is to perform 3 sets of at least 12 repetitions, And if it is not difficult for you to finish each series, increase the number of repetitions until it becomes difficult for you to finish the last three (stay close to muscle failure).

expert advice

To work on triceps, Alvaro Puche, trainer and author Strength Training for Seniors (Amat Editorial), recommends performing exercises that involve working on each dimension of the triceps. “The triceps have 3 heads, if they are not worked at the same time, it is very difficult to achieve results. So that the 3 heads get a good stimulation You have to pay attention to its flexibility-expansion Shoulder,Experts tell.

With dips, the shoulder is extended, so its position must be varied if we want to work the triceps from all angles. that means it has to be done add elbow extension by raising the armbring hands behind the head and Lateral elbow extension, with shoulder abduction (Opening the arm laterally at approximately 45 degrees).


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