Disney has created the perfect accessory for virtual reality

At the moment this technology is not for sale, but it promises to change the way we move in virtual worlds.

Walking or even running in virtual worlds is complicated because it requires special assistive devices or very clear limitations of movement within digital scenarios. There are automated treadmills that allow you to walk more or less independently, but require the use of a safety harness or specific shoes.

Research and Development Division of disney, However, it seems that a solution has been found that will allow anyone to move around freely in a virtual setting without physically changing their position in the room. What’s more, the solution can be used at the same time by multiple people collaborating on a simulation.

it’s about a automatic floor Which detects when the user is walking and returns the foot to its original starting position. This allows you to walk or run naturally without actually having to move around the room. The floor is made up of hundreds of tiny rotating tiles that adjust their direction and speed of rotation according to the user’s foot movement. It’s named by Disney Holotile.

The person responsible for the invention is lanny smoot One of the company’s engineers and responsible for some of the ghosts in the attraction the Haunted Mansion For example, among many other “wonders”, the Disney parks are able to swim.

This year, Smoot will become one of the names added to the American Inventors Hall of Fame for his many contributions over the years. This is a list whose members include Steve Jobs, Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison.

According to Smoot, Holotile is a perfect accessory For virtual reality, but this is not its only application. “It can also be used on stage, for example, allowing actors or dancers to perform surprising movements,” he explains. Disney, in any case, There are no plans to market it Nor has it been stated whether it will be used within any attractions in its parks.


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