Dispute over Messi and Inter Miami in Hong Kong: Promoter not ready for refund

Messi and Inter Miami meet in Tokyo To end my Asia tourHowever, controversy remains over the Argentina star’s absence from Sunday’s match after playing in Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government demanded answers from the organizers when they learned that the ‘Albiceleste’ would not play any 10 minutes before the start of the match. Which was played at dawn in the United States and which marked Inter Miami’s first win in the preseason.

Messi was not part of the team list Inter Miami played only 6 minutes against Al Nassr when announcing their 11 players to face the local team due to discomfort, while Luis Suarez, another player who did not play a single minute in Sunday’s duel, that does it. On the bench.

If this is given, Michel Lamunire, executive chairman of Tatler Asia, the company that was in charge of organizing the meeting between Inter Miami and Hong Kongannounced that they would reject a $2 million payment from the government.

He promised Argentina minutes

Hong Kong’s Sports Minister Kevin Yeung announced on Monday that the country’s government has promised that the Argentina star will get minutes Even though there were only a few minutes left in the second half in the match on Sunday, in the end Messi was not called on.

“We immediately asked (organizers) to find other solutions, as Messi comes onto the field to interact with his fans and receive the trophy. “Unfortunately, as everyone saw, it didn’t work,” Yung said.

Although the organizing company would reject the money given by the Hong Kong government, Lamuniere left the public confused and did not promise a refund. Despite the high ticket prices, people spent a lot of money to see Messi.

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