Dollar price in Colombia today, February 29: exchange rates and values ​​in Colombian pesos

During the last few weeks the dollar in our country has been very close to the $4,000 mark, Because the North American currency has hovered between $3,909 and $3,949 over the past few daysDespite some reversals in the talks on 19 and 23 February.

Although the US currency closed last week with gains and maintained that till last Monday, There was a slight decline in its value during trading hours last Tuesday and Wednesday, the average price was $3,930 pesos,

What is the value of the dollar on this February 29?

According to monitoring done by the Bank of the Republic, This Thursday morning the dollar started trading with a price of $3,928But as hours passed it showed an upward trend, Where it has reached a maximum of $3,935.34 and a minimum of $3,928.00,

Regarding the representative market rate (TRM), it represents the amount of Colombian pesos per one United States dollar. According to the information published by BanrepTRM is calculated on the basis of currency buying and selling operations between intermediaries transacting in the national exchange market.,

For this Thursday, February 29, The TRM set by Colombia’s Superfinancierra was $3,933.56A lower price than the price obtained on the last Wednesday 28th of the same month ($3,935).

It is noteworthy that during this February, the dollar in our country has been very close to the level of $4,000. In fact, analysts and economic experts expect this behavior to continue during the first weeks of March.Given that no important decisions are expected from the central banks till the end of that month.

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