Dollar price in Colombia today, March 2: exchange rates and prices in Colombian pesos

The US dollar continues its uptrend in the Colombian market at the beginning of today’s trading. Financial supervisors pay attention to its development, With growing strength, the North American currency It is approaching the level of $4,000 Colombian pesosA milestone that has not been reached for several weeks.

During today’s session, there is a upward movement of the dollar, which is in contrast to the fluctuations recorded in the past days. The increase comes in the context of the revelation of new macroeconomic data indicating continued growth of the US economy following the crisis caused by the pandemic.

The most recent report on personal consumption expenditure (PCE) prices shows 2.4% growth year-on-year, although this represents a decline compared to the previous record. Considered one of the key indicators by the Federal Reserve, this data influences expectations about potential changes in interest rates.

Colombian consumers trading in imported products or dollars are directly impacted by this upward trend, which is reflected in yesterday’s closing price of $3,947 Colombian pesos, a significant increase in relation to the market’s representative rate as defined by the Superfinanciera. Is.

Volatility is evident in the exchange market with considerable fluctuations throughout the day. The maximum price of the dollar was recorded at $3,948 and the minimum at $3,916, with an average price of $3,934. Transaction volume reached 1,405.89 million, indicating high activity in the Colombian exchange market.

This behavior of the dollar is also reflected in the dollar index, an indicator that evaluates its performance against six other major currencies. Suggests a dynamic in the international market that affects the price of the currency in Colombia.

Comparing the dollar price in Colombia today, which was established at $3,934.82 Colombian pesos, with different time periods on Saturday, March 2, 2024, the following changes are observed:

  • Compared to the previous day, the price increased by 3.51 pesoswhich represents growth 0.09%.
  • A decrease of 0.37% was recorded compared to the same day last week, which is equivalent to 14.54 pesos less.
  • Compared to the dollar price on the same day last month, an increase of 1.18% was evident, equivalent to 45.77 pesos more.
  • An increase of 2.95% was observed compared to the beginning of the year, i.e. an increase of 112.77 pesos.
  • A significant decrease of 18.85% was recorded with respect to the same day last year, which is equivalent to 913.96 pesos less.

As the day progresses, financial analysts pay attention to any new information that could affect the trend of the dollar in the Colombian market, while investors adjust their strategies in response to these exchange rate movements.

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