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If you’re a fan of the 3B’s: nice, pretty and cheap, then this Note is for you. Did you know you can find luxury products Under $2 at Dollar Tree Stores, Retail chains have always been a good option at low prices, but never included goods from luxury brands. this is madness. For example, if you look for these same items at CVS, Amazon, Target, and Walmart, the price may be higher, perhaps much higher. This means that Dollar Tree is the best option for you to gift yourself or to surprise someone special. what should you do? Just check the following list.

Dollar Tree, formerly known as Everything for a Dollar, is known for selling items for US$1.25 or less. In its various stores distributed throughout the United States you can find products for different sectors, such as health and beauty, decoration, cleaning, candy, toys, gifts, party decorations and even pet supplies and books, etc. . It also has frozen foods and dairy products…the list of items is long.

Dollar Tree is one of the busiest stores in the United States (Photo: Frederick J. Brown / AFP)

List of Luxury Products You Can Find at Dollar Tree

Although you may often think that what is sold at Dollar Tree stores is not of the best quality, you should know that there are products that are worth it and you will actually save. According to the BestLife portal, this is demonstrated by buyers who have published their $1.25 purchase on the social network TikTok.

Dollar Tree is a low-cost store where you can find good products (Photo: AFP)

O man!

  • Body lotion and body wash from He Humans, the brand created by Jada Pinkett Smith, can be found for less than $2, unlike other retailers like Amazon, where they can be purchased for up to $10 per item.


  • You can get the Detoxifying Facial Serum and Nourishing Facial Night Cream from the DermaGeek brand for just $1.25. On Amazon, the facial serum sells for $10 and the night cream for $25. The cleaner alone costs US$16 at Walmart.


  • Sukin Eye Cream only costs $1.25 at Dollar Tree, while Target sells it for $9.99. The retailer also has one bottle of the brand’s soap, as well as one liter of shampoo and conditioner.

kendall and kylie

  • brand item kendall + kylieLike pencil cases or cosmetic holders, you can buy them for US$1.25 each. The same product can cost up to $8 elsewhere, according to evidence published on TikTok. Sometimes it has also become possible to find branded backpacks.


  • milani brand lipstick you find them alone US$1.25Similar to CVS, where they are available at a higher price than US dollar$8.

flower beauty

  • The lip liner set costs US$1.25 at Dollar Tree, which is about 10 times less than other stores where they cost US$11.50.

madison tyler

  • Another quality and well-priced product at Dollar Tree is the Madison Tyler Brand Hair Clip for $1.25, which typically costs $0 at other stores.

mrs meyers

  • The brand of organic cleaning products and soaps is sold everywhere. At Target, hand soap sells for about $5, and while that may be a good price, it costs less than $2 at Dollar Tree.

What is dollar tree?

dollar Tree is an American discount store chain that carries a wide variety of products in various categories, however, priced at $1.25 or less.

The company, founded in 1986 and headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, has more than 15,000 stores in 48 US states and got a big boost in 2018 when it acquired… family dollarAnother discount store chain.

In theory, the business was born with the intention of selling products for a dollar, but due to inflation in 2021 it increased by a few cents.

Discount store Dollar Tree competes with other giant retail chains (Photo: Frederick J. Brown / AFP)

Dollar Tree Fact Sheet

  • Name: Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
  • Boy: public
  • Is in: US2567461080
  • Industry: Retail, Variety Store, Discount Store
  • Legal Forms: joint stock company
  • foundation: 1986
  • founded by: Macon Fosque Brock, Jr.
  • the headquarters: Chesapeake (United States)
  • product: Food & Beverages, Personal Care, Housewares, Books & Toys
Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar in 2015. Nearly 10 years later, this alliance has not yielded the expected results (Photo: AFP)

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