Wagner’s mercenaries take revenge on Putin and join Ukrainian paramilitaries

Ukraine.- Russian paramilitary forces near Kiev confirm support of former Wagner mercenaries in their operations Europa Press

The Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), the Kremlin’s dissident paramilitary force, said this Thursday that former Wagner Group mercenaries within its ranks had taken part in an operation carried out in recent days on Russian territory bordering Ukraine.

For the Reason

“Former Wagner fighters already participated in our ranks in the areas of Avdiivka and Liman on Ukrainian territory – and, of course, they also participated in the military operation conducted by us on Russian territory,” the corps leader confirmed. Was.” Of Russian volunteers, Denis Nikitin.

Likewise, he noted, as part of a kind of reintegration, the presence of these former mercenaries under the Kremlin’s orders in the ranks of the forces opposing Russian President Vladimir Putin, after being able to avoid the “information vacuum.” Have defended. In which he was in Russia. “Your eyes open immediately to what’s happening.

They understand where is the lie and where is the truth. These people immediately came to our side and till now neither we nor they have regretted it,” he assured. “We are not only giving these men a chance to fight in our ranks, (…) but we are giving them a chance to start life from the beginning.

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