Photo – Emily Ratajkowski: This is how she turned her engagement ring into a divorce ring

After a divorce, some women continue to wear their engagement ring… while some choose to set it aside permanently, others simply put it back in its box, while others quietly keep it in their jewelry box with their other precious Leave it in between the pieces. Solutions that clearly did not suit Emily Ratajkowski’s taste! The star, who was engaged to Sebastian Bear-McClard in August 2019, filed for divorce in 2022, but recently decided to turn the famous Alison Lu Jewell she received during his proposal into marriage.

Basically, the model proudly displayed a tailor-made creation featuring a pair of stones, also starting a huge trend on mismatched stones… After a short visit to the Alison Lu workshop, which recently opened Jacquemus The wedding dress created a sensation She now has two different “divorce rings” that she wears on her little and ring fingers, as seen on her Instagram account. Enough to launch another new trend…

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⋙ Shopping – Trendy Engagement Rings of 2024

Engagement ring trends in 2024

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If the trend for engagement rings last year was size Ascher And emerald, with rings One you and one me Or equipped with stunning halo effects, for 2024, these have evolved even further! Usually square or rectangular, engagement rings have freed themselves from the code and become circular in recent years… so we are finding more and more pear-shaped, round or even oval models. Marquis or baguette stone cutting is also on the rise.

In terms of materials, white gold, which has long reigned supreme in the engagement ring arena, is seeing a slight decline in favor of yellow gold this season. And in terms of stones, if the diamond remains a timeless classic, it is the emerald that is doing well this year.”The emerald is really the gemstone of the moment…it completely replaces the sapphire as a great base for engagement rings, but since it is often paired with white gold the latter is losing its value a bit . Due to speed, suddenness and force of circumstances, Neelam also finds herself left behind.Aurelie, jewelery expert at Histoire d’Or, explains. Among other precious stones that we also find on trendy engagement rings of the moment: the garnet, the ruby ​​and the yellow diamond.

⋙ Shopping – Trendy Engagement Rings of 2024

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