Due to a controversial goal, John Arias’ Fluminense lost the first leg of the Cup Winners’ Cup

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VAR Nicolás Gallo disallowed a goal for the Liga de Quito in agony and the Ecuadorians won the first leg.

Quito League vs Fluminense Cup Winners’ Cup 1st leg
picture: Gallo Pague/AFP

Liga de Quito and Fluminense, champions of the Copa Sudamericana and Libertadores 2023, faced each other for the first leg of the Cup Winners’ Cup on the territory of Ecuador, in a match that ended with a local victory for the Brazilians with a controversial goal . And it was approved by the Colombian VAR Nicolas, he galloped in in the last minute.

On paper it looked like Fluminense was going to win due to its roster superiority, but the Ecuadorians respected their home side and kept the Brazilians at bay.

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However, at Fluminense the Colombian Jhon Arias was one of those who exerted the most pressure in attack and managed to create imbalances on several occasions, but he could not find his way to the goal.

There were not many scoring chances in that first half, but Liga de Quito managed to trouble the Brazilian goal, getting goals with Lucas Ezequiel Piovi and Sebastián González Baquero, but they could not succeed in front of goal.

To complement, the altitude was already affecting Fluminense and activities began to become scarce and Fernando Diniz had to make some changes, one of them, was the departure of Germán Cano.

However, LDU came back on the attack in the final 20 minutes and had chances to open the scoring, but failing to finish was their biggest sin.

Similarly, Fluminense also missed a goal on several occasions, but they also had to pay for it, although shortly before the end Lima Lima got a ball in the area, he tried hard, but it rebounded off the post. It started.

The tie held and Fluminense dedicated themselves to taking care of the tie which was favourable, while Liga de Quito pressed, but it was not enough, although in the 90+1 the locals scored after a free kick, And Adrian Arce caught that goal in the area, but the Colombian central defender Andrés Rojas decided that there was an offside in the first instance, but VAR Nicolás Gallo decided that it was competent and when drawing the lines it was decided that the annotation was correct. Was.

The return of the Recopa Sudamericana will be played next Thursday, February 29, in Rio de Janeiro and there the Brazilians will have to return to become champions.


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