Due to technical problem, pilots had to shut down the engine mid-flight.

Sydney, Australia, A technical problem forced Qantas pilots shut down one engine of an Airbus 330-200 when i was doing monday night Flights between Melbourne and PerthAs confirmed by the Australian airline this Tuesday.

flight QF781 “Last night when it approached Perth it developed a problem with one of its engines.”a spokesperson for the airline said in a statement sent to EFE today.

Therefore, the pilot, following established procedures for this type of incident, “He manually shut down the engines and requested a priority landing.” in Perth, southwestern Australia, where the plane landed safely and passengers disembarked normally.

A Qantas spokeswoman also stressed that the airline’s aircraft are designed “to operate safely with a single engine”.

still, The incident caused concern among passengers, who heard a “loud bang” and vibration on the left side of the aircraft.As Australian Darrell Weeks, who was aboard flight QF781, told ABC, a public channel in the maritime country, today.

After this incident, Qantas engineers are reviewing the aircraft.


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