Due to this decision of the judge, the space company decided to change the scene.

A new outrage from a South African tycoon introduces us to the most intolerable side of American justice

SpaceX and Elon Musk are going to Texas: because of this judge's decision the space company decided to change the scene
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The figure of the founder of companies like Tesla or SpaceX gives rise to many debates and some of the most famous phrases of Elon Musk clearly speak to his extreme ambition. Now, with a new enemy on his endless list, it seems Delaware State has lost to one of the greats Elon CompaniesAs has already happened with its other companies.

Elon Musk and the legal system of the state of Delaware

As you can see in the publication that we leave you below these lines, SpaceX has decided move your headquarters from the state of Delaware for the state of Texas And it seems there is a Reason For this radical change of weight: a court ruling Due to which Elon Musk has got angry.

for a long time, Tesla His plans include a compensation plan to its founder 55 billion dollars And this is the measure that a judge from delaware has canceled Recently and that marked the end of Elon’s relationship with one of the friendliest states, when it comes to taxation, in the entire United States.

publication of Elon Musk This couldn’t be more clear: advise to all Companies that have business in the state of delaware to move them other location North American country as soon as possible.

In your case, Elon is able to transform SpaceX’s headquartersjust like he did with NeuralinkBut not with tesla, And this is because the automobile company is listed in the stock market and to carry out these types of activities it is necessary to have shareholder meeting voteBeing one of its members who condemned the remuneration that Elon Musk receives and who ended up in court.

Is more than direct Which Elon Musk Chose delaware As the headquarters for Tesla and the rest of its companies because of the tax benefits we mentioned earlier, but Elon doesn’t seem to be excited about Justice’s job In that area of ​​the United States.

We’ll see what happens Resolutionwhich may still happen Tesla appealedBut what seems undeniable is that $55 billion is hanging by a thread.

SpaceX and Elon Musk are going to Texas: because of this judge's decision the space company decided to change the scene Elon Musk

alternative name elon reeve musk date of birth 06-28-1971 (52 years) birth place Pretoria, South Africa Work Businessman

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