Dune 2 star Timothée Chalamet launches a plea for LFP and Ligue 2


Timothée Chalamet 2 ©️IMAGO / Agefotostock
Timothée Chalamet 2 ©️IMAGO / Agefotostock

Timothée Chalamet pleads with Ligue 2 and the LFP About his YouTube channel

Hollywood actor Timothée Chalamet took a break from discussing his latest blockbuster, Dune 2, to express his enthusiastic support for the French football club. saint etienne, The 28-year-old, who is best known for his roles in Dune and Wonka, revealed his deep affection for the team, despite living thousands of miles away in Los Angeles.

Born to an American mother and a French father, Chalamet has deep ties to the city of Saint-Étienne, where the football club, affectionately known as Les Verts, plays in Ligue 2. In an interview with TMC, Chalamet’s show “Quotidienne” surprised the audience and the other cast members of Dune 2 by announcing that he supports the club, even singing the team’s anthem.

Chalamet wants improvements to League 2 BKT YouTube channel

Expressing his frustration at the delay in the broadcast of Saint-Étienne’s matches, Chalamet made a direct appeal to the French Football League (LFP) during the broadcast. “I have a request for the Ligue 2 BKT YouTube channel,” he said. “They wait until after all the matches to show the highlights, and I don’t know why! Show me the highlights! I’m in Los Angeles and waiting for them! Let’s go green!

Chalamet has a deep connection to Saint-Étienne, having spent part of his childhood in France. He inherited his love of the club from his French father, who works for UNICEF in New York. Summers spent in the village of Chambon-sur-Lignan, south of Saint-Étienne, strengthened his bond with the team and his community.

The actor’s fondness for Saint-Étienne was also evident at the premiere of Dune 2 in Paris, where the audience was pleasantly surprised to find a scarf from Saint-Étienne, much to Chalamet’s delight.

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