Dune 2 still tops French box office, approaching 3 million admissions

After three weeks in French cinemas, the science fiction blockbuster directed by Denis Villeneuve continues to spark interest. Overall, the film has already received 2,945,105 admissions.

Three weeks after its release, dune 2 , The film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, continues to captivate French audiences. The film remains at the top of the French box office with almost three million admissions overall, according to CBO box-office figures published on Wednesday. In total, there are 2,945,105 entries in feature film. one life James Hawes remains in second place. And it’s just tomorrow Third place on the podium was taken by Paola Cortellasi.

This 2 hours 46 minutes long sci-fi blockbuster is mesmerizing audiences with an epic saga where powerful factions fight to the death on the desert planet Dune for control of spice, the universe’s most precious resource. In this new part, the public meets Paul Atreides, played by Timothée Chalamet. The young man teams up with Chaney’s character, played by Zendaya, and Freeman, to lead a rebellion against those who destroyed his family. Haunted by dark forebodings, the hero finds himself grappling with the greatest of dilemmas: choosing between the love of his life and the destiny of the universe.

one life by James Hawes, with over a million admissions in total, remains in second place in the rankings for the third week running, with Anthony Hopkins’ poignant performance as Briton Nicholas Winton, who saved hundreds of Jewish children. Nazi rule during World War II. it’s just tomorrow Written by Italian director Paola Cortellisi, it ranked third in its first week in theaters, with 145,340 admissions. An unexpected success in Italy, the film depicts violence against women in black and white.

in a light tone, happy winner A popular comedy presented by Fabrice Aboué and Audrey Lamy attracted 136,628 viewers in one week. ultimately bolero by Anne Fontaine, which recounts Maurice Ravel’s production of the work, ranked fifth with 89,612 admissions last week, its second place in cinemas.

1. Dune: Part 2 : 560,780 entries for 1,028 copies (2,945,105 entries in three weeks)

2. one life : 176,881 entries for 821 copies (1,209,828 in four weeks)

3. it’s just tomorrow : 145,340 entries for 172 copies (new)

4. happy winner : 136,628 entries for 411 copies (new)

5. bolero : 89,612 entries for 511 copies (267,336 in two weeks)

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