Zelensky calls for greater political will from its Western allies to send military aid after new Russian attacks on Kiev


Ukrainian President, Volodymyr ZelenskyThis Thursday appealed for the “political will” of its allies to continue increasing arms shipments to Ukraine, following a nighttime bombing of the capital Kiev that injured at least 17 people.

Military leader of the Kiev metropolitan area, sergey popkohas confirmed this provisional balance of victims on Telegram, seven of which correspond to the region of Shevchenkov and the remaining six svyatoshin, Of these, four injured have been admitted to the hospital.

On your behalf, Mayor of Kiev, vitky klitschkoThe affected properties also included houses and an electrical substation, it said. In addition, remains of one of the many missiles shot down by the defense systems have fallen on the premises of a daycare centre.

In total, Ukrainian forces shot down “more than 30 missiles”, according to the Ukrainian president, including several air-launched ballistic missiles. Volodymyr ZelenskyWho have lamented on social networks that “terrorism continues day and night” and spreads throughout the country without any discrimination.

The President considers ending it “possible”, though only through “global unity”. “Russian terrorists do not have missiles capable of penetrating Patriot and other leading systems in the world,” he said in his X account, from which he once again measured the reinforcement of anti-aircraft defense systems.

“Ukraine already needs this protection,” said Zelensky, who believes Western partners “demonstrate sufficient political will” to make it clear that “terrorism always loses.”

foreign Minister, Dmytro Kulebahas directly called on the United States Congress to “unblock” the military aid package to Ukraine, with the aim of “saving lives, defending freedom, and defeating Russian terrorism.”

Zelensky this Thursday reiterated his request to his Western allies to have more anti-aircraft systemsAfter Russia fired missiles at Kiev in which 17 people were injured.

A firefighter stands amid debris after the Russian attack in Kiev, Ukraine on March 21, 2024. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

The Ukrainian military said it shot down 31 Russian missiles aimed at the capital, an attack that came after Moscow promised to retaliate for an increase in Ukrainian bombing of Russian border areas.

“This terror continues day and night”Zelensky said in a message on Telegram.

“It is possible to end it with global unity,” he said.

“Ukraine needs this protection now. from Kyiv Kharkov, from Sumy to Kherson, from Odessa to the Donetsk region. This is entirely possible if our partners show sufficient political will,” he stressed.

According to Ukrainian officials, 17 people were injured by missile debris, 13 in the capital and 4 in its surroundings.

The Ukrainian military said Russia fired two Iskander ballistic missiles and 29 cruise missiles.

All the missiles were shot down, he said.

Zelensky posted a video showing windows of residential buildings broken and debris strewn across the streets, and firefighters extinguishing the blaze.

It is the first major attack against Kiev and its region since January and comes after Ukraine stepped up its bombardment of the Russian border area of ​​Belgorod. Russian officials vowed to avenge these actions.

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)

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