Ecuador: The attackers who murdered Fernando Villavicencio were offered “half of Quito and the management of the prisons”

Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio waves the Ecuadorian national flag during a campaign event at a school, minutes before he was shot dead in Quito on August 9, 2023. (api via api file)

after about seven months Murder of Fernando VillavicencioJudge Irene Perez It will decide whether those involved and identified as material authors of the crime should be called to trial. On September 27, a hearing lasting more than 10 hours revealed how the assassination of the politician aspiring to become Ecuador’s president was planned and carried out.

Villavicencio was a trade unionist, journalist and Ecuadorian politician. Villavicencio was shot by gunmen outside a political rally in the northern center of Quito on August 9, 11 days before the election, in the midst of the presidential campaign for the 2023 extraordinary elections.

fiscal ana hidalgoThe person in charge of the case presented evidence against six of the 13 defendants at a trial preparation hearing. The remaining seven were murdered in prisons in Guayaquil and Quito.Six of these were Colombian. Hidalgo revealed that the preparation and execution of the murder of Fernando Villavicencio was meticulously carried out by a cell of the criminal group Wolves, carlos anguloAlso known by the nickname Invisible and laura castillo, nicknamed Flaca, led the offense. Women played a fundamental role in arranging the crime, securing arms, ammunition, clothes and vehicles for the attackers.

Approximately seven months after the murder, a hearing was held to prepare for the trial against those defendants who were still alive. (Reuters/Karen Toro)

Before the assassination, Castillo held several preparatory meetings, one of which took place on the night of August 8 in a house in Ciudadela Ibarra, south of Quito. During this meeting, the hitman received direct instructions anglewho connect through video call from Latakunga Jail, In that jail, Los Lobos hired an Internet provider with authorization from the country’s prison service.

The prosecutor’s office says Castillo was under surveillance by authorities due to her alleged involvement in a micro-drug trafficking network related to Los Lobos; despite this, the woman proceeded with plans to murder Villavicencio. On the day of the murder, Castillo was arrested in Los Chilos Valley, where the killer was killed.

The woman was traveling in a stolen car, which was being driven by one of her accomplices, Eric R. Incriminating evidence was found in the vehicle, such as T-shirts related to Villavicencio’s political campaign. On the day of the crime, the defendants wore Villavicencio party T-shirts, thus blending in among the politician’s supporters at what would be his last rally.

The hitmen were wearing T-shirts and other items related to Villavicencio’s campaign, so they managed to infiltrate. (Reuters/Karen Toro/file photo)

The vehicle in which Castillo was detained was in the vicinity of Anderson College, where the rally was held the night before. The vehicle was accompanied by two motorcycles, one of which was found abandoned near the crime scene.

On the day of the murder, two other defendants, Alexandra Chimbo Farinango and Oscar F. He was at Anderson College. Their job was to monitor and alert the attackers about Villavicencio’s movements, especially when he left the place.

Furthermore, Prosecutor Hidalgo indicated that incriminating evidence was found on the defendants’ mobile phones, such as Messages ordering murder and images downloaded hours before the crime, on the hitman’s cell phone johan castillowho murdered Villavicencio, and who died after carrying out the murder, a message from Angulo was sent at 5:33 pm that day, less than an hour after the murder: “Okay brother. Hit her when you see her. I trust you. Do it.”

Police protect a hospital to which several injured people were taken after the shooting against presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio in Quito, Ecuador, Wednesday, August 9, 2023. Villavicencio was killed outside a school while boarding a vehicle after an election rally. (AP Photo/Juan Diego Montenegro)

During the hearing, Hidalgo read a portion of testimony provided by a protected witness in the case. The prosecutor refrained from sharing some excerpts, as they have received a new investigation that is still reserved. According to the story, the protected witness is Laura Castillo’s partner.

One of the most important quotes is where he is interrogated about his motivations for murder:

– Prosecutor: For what reason did they want to kill this person?

-Witness: From what Chino said, it was his way and he got the privilege of doing it. they do this work and They have control over half of Quito, prison management.

Another question raised concerns about criminal leaders planning murders. He believed that Villavicencio would become president.

-Fiscal: Why did the organization want to kill Mr. Villavicencio?

-Witness: Because if he were to reach the presidency and he they were going to change the penal codeMany people were going to come.

Amanda VillavicencioThe daughter of the murdered politician and who now directs the investigative journalism portal founded by her father, wrote after hearing the testimony of Laura Castillo’s partner: “I am filled with pain, I forget that I am a journalist and for a moment I am just a daughter and break down.

Judicial proceedings will continue on this 28th February also. The prosecutor’s office is still investigating who the intellectual authors are.

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