Ed Sheeran celebrates seven years of “Divide” album and gives Rihanna a nod

Ed Sheeran took time out to give himself and his fans a retrospective to mark the seventh anniversary of his album split, 3 March. And this record deserves it, having transformed the career and life of the singer-songwriter into an international superstar.

For the occasion, Ed Sheeran published a series of photos on Instagram. Some show the moment of the album’s creation, others show the date of its release. But the most original is the first of the carousel: a photo of the singer with Rihanna at the 2017 Grammy Awards.


Why Rihanna? because the interpreter don’t stop the music Helped inspire the writing of Ed Sheeran’s hit song, your size, This is what the musician specified in the caption of the photo where we see the two of them, she smiling wide, he a little disheveled. “At the Grammy Awards, telling Rihanna this your size Initially it was thought for him. ,

This is no scoop… Ed Sheeran previously told the BBC in 2017 that while working on the song with his co-writers, he told himself that it would “really suit Rihanna”. Only, after placing some lyrics over the music, he told himself that Starr would “not actually sing that song”. The sequel proved that keeping it for Ed Sheeran was the right move!

“The most successful period of my career”

Among several other photos shared by Ed Sheeran, and duly captioned, was a photo of him and dancer Jenny Pegouski, who starred in the song’s music video, as well as a photo with two of the song’s co-writers, Johnny McDaid Is included. group Snow Patrol, and producer Steve Mac. In the latter, we see them together while Ed Sheeran is holding a bottle of champagne to celebrate the success of this title by reaching the first place in the charts.

Among the many tributes surrounding these photos, Ed Sheeran has not forgotten the artist Damien Hirst, who painted the album cover, as well as the British rapper Stormzy and the actress Zoey Deutch, who both appeared in the song’s music video. Excellent,

Finally, the artist shares memories from the tour splitEspecially during a football match where he didn’t shine… “For my birthday during the Brazil tour split, I asked to play a soccer match with former players of the Brazilian national team. We were beaten badly,” he wrote.

The caption of the last published photo clearly states how much split Matters to the musician. “The last night of the tour and campaign splitIn Ipswich, eating pizza and celebrating the most successful period of my career,” he writes as he is seen in bed with a pizza.

At the age of 33, while Ed Sheeran continues to rack up successes, most notably Reduce And autumn variations (2023), Nostalgia should not be in order!

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