Egypt launched the first humanitarian aid to Gaza and the US announced a USD 53 million package for the enclave.

In the first batch this Tuesday, Egypt launched 10 tons of food and humanitarian aid to areas in the northern Gaza Strip (EFE/Tony Karumba).

Egyptian Air Force did this for the first time on Tuesday Aerial launch of humanitarian aid in the north and center of Gaza Strip, According to official sources, where they transported a total of 50 tonnes of emergency medical aid.

The Egyptian military confirmed in a statement that the operation was carried out Cooperation between Jordan, UAE, Qatar and France, Without giving further details.

For its part, the Egyptian state television channel Al Qahera NewsThe publication, citing high-level Egyptian sources on condition of anonymity, said the action is part of Egypt’s efforts to intensify its aid by land and air to relieve affected areas in the northern Gaza Strip . Provide them immediate assistance.”

This is the first air launch of humanitarian aid by Egypt since the war broke out more than four months ago, and this Tuesday it managed to launch 10 tons of food and humanitarian aid in the first batch to areas in the northern Gaza Strip.

Jordan launched another 40 tons of health packages to be distributed among women in Gaza through the support of the kingdom’s Hashemite Charitable Organization and UN Women, the Jordan News Agency reported this Tuesday. petra,

Members of the Jordanian armed forces drop aid packages on the Gaza coast, with support from Egypt, Qatar, France and the United Arab Emirates (Reuters/Jihad Shelbak).

Since October 7, Jordan has carried out 15 airdrops of aid, in addition to sending 60 aircraft with supplies to Egypt to deliver aid through the Rafah border crossing.

On the other hand, the United States Government announced this Tuesday the sending $53 million in humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank through its Agency for International Development (USAID).

USAID Administrator, Samantha Power, said a large portion of this item will go Eat Through the World Food Program and non-governmental organizations at the international level.

“But that help must reach those in need. And yet bureaucratic hurdles and delays in inspections must be resolved. The number of access points to Gaza should be significantly increased“The officer said.

Egypt and Jordan launched a total of 50 tons of aid to the Gaza Strip this Tuesday (Reuters/Jihad Shelbak)

Power further said that Humanitarian workers in Gaza should be “protected” And do their job “without getting shot or killed”.

The $53 million item adds to the amount of aid the United States has sent to the Palestinian territories since Israel began its offensive against the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip. 180 million dollars.

Since the war began, the White House has asked Congress to approve a $14 billion package of military aid for Israel, a project that is stuck in the Legislature because it is attached to another $60 billion for Ukraine. happened.

(with information from EFE)

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