El Tri Femenil seeks win at all costs against Dominican Republic at W Gold Cup – Fox Sports

Mexico yes or yes will seek victory in second day of gold cup w when measured against Dominican Republic. The Azteca team unexpectedly played a 0-0 draw argentina On the first date, they will therefore try to be forceful in the offensive zone.

“I think I’d like to see what everyone else does: more goals. We are going to make every possible effort. We watched the game against the United States and we saw that they had difficulty scoring. We are going to move forward with everything from the first minute (…). We expect a confident opponent. This is the beauty of his work that he is giving such a beautiful image. With that confidence they can aspire to anything. They have dangerous players,” Pedro López warned at a press conference.

Other than this, technology of tricolor combination He was disappointed after the result against the Albiceleste team, as they missed the chance to win. Rebecca Bernal He missed a penalty and several scoring chances.

“Of course after the game, the result did not make me happy at all. We play to win. We thought we had everything to win and that was not the case. I was serious, but as I said before, emotions run high in these tournaments. You need to know how to handle it in order to focus your attention on what the next challenge is. We have to be prepared for every kind of situation,” he expressed.

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On the other hand, Stephenie Meyer, who initiated the conflict against Argentina, made it clear that victory against Dominican Republic This is the only option; However, he acknowledged that it would not be an easy task for the Mexicans.

“Obviously we didn’t like the tie vs. Argentina. This page is turning. We know how much quality we have and the most important game is tomorrow. Go out with that confidence and show it (…). Obviously we know winning is important. The entire group manages it. We know we have everything we need to win. “It remains to be demonstrated on the field,” The attacker assured.

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