Elections 2024: Xochitl goes to double National Guard elements

PRI-PAN-PRD coalition candidates “Strength and heart for Mexico”, xochitl galvez, Visited Jalisco for the first time Criticism of the current federal government was repeated throughout the campaign period and for the country’s insecurity.

Candidate Benito was in Palenque for the October Festival at the Juárez Auditorium, The property which was not filled despite the magnitude of the call.

As a proposal, candidate and former senator, He said he would try to double the number of National Guard elements from 150 thousand to 300 thousand. Effective with the goal of covering the entire national territory.

“We’re going to double the number of National Guard elements from 150 thousand to 300 thousand so they can really cover the entire national territory, but we’re going to train them, we’re going to give them technology, but most of all “We are going to allow them to function so that they can protect citizens and enforce laws for the benefit of the citizens.”

Criticizing that the Military Corporation does not adequately fulfill its functions, he assured that he will strive to ensure that the National Guard can carry out investigative work to complement its work.

Xochitl Gálvez guaranteed that, if he became president, he would demilitarize the country, removing the Mexican Army from its supplementary functions. What they have done during the current federal administration includes construction works, customs surveillance among others.

galvez He said they will strengthen the state and municipal policeProviding them with social security, assistance for the right to housing and scholarships for their children, as well as a minimum wage of 20 thousand pesos.

“We are going to support all state and municipal police officers Those who have a good salary and a living wage of at least 20 thousand pesos per month. No police officer is going to earn less than 20 thousand pesos! All municipal and state police officers will get social security, right to housing and scholarship for the education of their children.



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