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Although the saying that when it is not Juana her sister comes in handy lacks the tagline that it is one or the other, those who face difficulties are as always the same workers who improve the conditions of the National Electricity System. Have been successful in changing.

The joke became obsolete due to the changes that the good news was that the blackout of 2202 would end and the bad news was that the blackout of 2023 would begin, a year that went better.

And the performance of thermoelectric plants in 2023 is also maintained in 2024, as they confirm their position as a supply base in the face of fuel shortages in distributed generation subsystems, floating generation and engine sites.

This did not happen last year or in the present, as happened in those months when both Juana and her sister broke down several thermoelectric plants while doing repairs, as they now go out of control for maintenance, the purpose of which is to ensure What has to be done is that the thermal subsystem continues to function as it should. Today or better.

Unit 8 of Mariel and Unit 6 of Nuevitas CTE are under maintenance.

As Dr. Francisco Durán did during the confrontation with COVID-19, Engineer Lázaro Guerra Hernández, Technical Director of the Electrical Union, appears daily to explain the situation of lack of production capacity in his context.

From a pessimistic position it seemed that Cuba would not succumb to the difficulties of the blockade, but would succumb to the epidemic, while scientists and health workers, full of revolutionary confidence in their own strength, shrugged off the threat of lung disease.

These altruistic examples are also present in the field of electricians and as often as problems arise, there are opportunities for them to face them without getting tired, let alone leaving the job.

While the thermoelectric plants were operated under difficult conditions yesterday, the arrival of fuel for the two Patna, located in Mariel and Mariel and Moa engine sites, did not cause any reduction in production capacity from 12:35 to about 7 pm this Wednesday.

According to information obtained by colleague José Ramón Solís, precisely from the early hours of this morning, the newly incorporated Guitars presented a problem that his group is trying to solve before the hours of peak demand.

The previous day there was a smaller impact than anticipated, and today there is a trend towards improvement, as 67 distributed generation plants will have a reduction of 518 MW due to fuel shortages and the Santiago de Cuba swamp, more or less half of the previous one. Day.

Today the effect will be 600 MW in the afternoon and 940 MW at night, and it will not exceed because the two MOA engines will enter after fuel oil supply.

As long as Juana and her sister are creating problems, Union Electrica employees will remain in the first line of confrontation in their red zones, but only if customers or consumers support them with savings measures as they already do with access. It was said that masks and other protection would reduce the effect.

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