Eli de la Cruz breaks Hunter Greene’s car window

in the middle of spring training major League Baseball, Circumstances often occur that are not regular. In the Cincinnati Reds camp, Hunter Greene and eli de la cruzHe acted in a surprising moment for many.

From Goodyear Ballpark In Arizona, the Ohio-based group’s practices are implemented. With all the players now included, they began preparation with simulated plays and at-bats. Hunter Green and eli de la cruzThey saw each other’s faces for the first time.

Eli de la Cruz broke Green’s car window

The pitcher has very good references in the Major Leagues despite little experience. Green He remains among the batsmen who throw the fastest pitches. eli de la cruzHe managed to connect a failed send (foul) and it ended out of the park, which became a problem for his partner’s vehicle.

The impact hit the rear glass of the car. Hunter green And broke his glass. Furthermore, the turn between the two players ended with a strikeout for the Dominican, who succumbed to the American’s fast and elusive pitches.

After learning what happened, Green responded to what happened in training. The pitcher made this comment eli de la cruz He will have to pay for the accident caused through the window of his vehicle. It is important to say that this refers to a humorous moment and does not imply anything negative.

It was confirmed that the pitcher cincinnati redsswept all its opponents in its first simulated performance spring training, This is supported by the brilliant way in which the player maintains himself and his most relevant resource when mounted on a horse.

eli de la cruz And Hunter Greene, one of the most prominent baseball players for the Cincinnati Reds. If he has a spring with a standout performance, Green will be the first pitcher in the starting rotation, while the Sabana Grande de Boya native will secure a spot at third base or shortstop.

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