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Tesla CEO Elon Musk reiterated his support for Argentina’s President Javier Meili following his recent presentation at the Davos Economic Forum.

With a clear message, Musk valued the president’s words positively, highlighting: “A good explanation of what makes countries more or less prosperous.” This is not the first time that Musk has shown his support towards Miley, who thanked him profusely through social networks.

The exchange between the two leaders has become more noticeable since Miley’s victory in the November 2023 runoff.

Their relationship began during the election campaign, when Musk responded to an interview with Miley by Tucker Carlson, discussing topics such as hyperinflation and monetary policy. Musk then stressed: “Excessive government spending, the root cause of inflation, has ruined countless countries.,

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Despite being unable to attend Miley’s presidential inauguration, Musk expressed his desire to cooperate in defense of the ideas of freedom and announced plans to visit Argentina in 2024. This commitment was emphasized in a statement from the Argentine Presidency.

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Musk, no stranger to Argentinian politics, expressed his optimism following Miley’s election with an encouraging message: “Prosperity is coming to Argentina,

Impact of Miley’s speech in Davos

in Davos, Miley defends capitalism as a solution to global poverty and warns about the dangers of socialism, This message resonated internationally, with outlets such as El Pais, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal reporting on his liberal viewpoints and his criticism of international organizations.

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xavier miley

Argentina’s President Javier Meili at the Davos Forum.

When Miley returned to Argentina after meeting IMF Director Kristalina Georgieva, there are continuous reactions to her speech.

The local opposition, including people like Jorge Taiana and Leandro Santoro, have strongly criticized his comments, He was described as ‘misogynist and contrary to social justice’, Former presidential spokesperson Gabriella Cerruti summarized Miley’s performance as a strong “worldwide role”.

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This constantly evolving political landscape underlines the growing influence of social media and international relations on contemporary politics, with celebrities like Musk playing an increasingly important role.

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