Elon Musk warns of the next big global crisis, what is it about?

Tycoon Elon Musk, owner of electric car maker Tesla And aerospace firm SpaceX predicted what the next global crisis could be. The South African billionaire, who also helms Ax, was one of the guests at the Bosch Connected World conference on February 29.

In the middle of the program, which he joined via video call, he spoke on topics key to the industry in which he works, such as artificial intelligence and electric cars. In fact, they assured this with Generative Artificial Intelligence “We are on the brink of the greatest technological revolution ever.”

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Tesla cars were seen parked at the construction site of the new Tesla Gigafactory for electric cars in Germany. , picture: reuters

“Programming artificial intelligence systems It is increasing by 10 every six months, “Obviously, this can’t go on forever, but current chip demand is greater than any gold rush that has ever happened before,” he warned.

“Earlier there was a shortage of neural network chips. Later, there was a problem of availability of voltage reducing transformers. He added. However, the most worrying thing is that, for the tycoon, after these incidents “the next problem will be power shortage.”

Musk’s neurotech business

Neuralink, the neurotech startup owned by Elon Musk, Published a video in which their first human patient is playing chess with his brain on a computer and talks about the brain implant that makes it possible.

Noland Arbaugh, 29, who was paralyzed from the shoulders down in a diving accident eight years ago, has learned to control the cursor on a computer screen with his brain by playing chess and the video game “Civilization,” as well as taking Japanese and French classes. Talked about doing. ,

Musk’s neural research company installs a brain implant in a human For the first time in January, in a test that the billionaire Tesla and ex-boss described as successful.

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Neuralink, neurotechnology startup owned by Elon Musk. , picture: Nurfoto via Getty Images

Neuralink’s technology works through a device the size of five coins that is placed inside the human brain through invasive surgery. The “start-up”, co-founded by Musk in 2016, Its purpose is to create a direct communication channel between the brain and the computer.

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