Sought after mother Veronica Delgado has been declared innocent

His defense lawyers and Humanitarian Legal Aid confirmed that Delgado would be released after being detained on 11 March.

Ingrid Escobar, director of Humanitarian Legal Aid, confirmed on social networks that Veronica Delgado, who was captured in her home on March 11, was declared innocent this Friday.

Delgado is an investigative mother focused on locating her daughter, Paola Arana Delgado, who has been missing since May 26, 2022.

In the search for her daughter, Veronica has actively participated in civil actions and protests in recent days to demand that authorities help her learn her whereabouts.

“Verónica comes as a victim of organized crime, which we believe is responsible for (her daughter’s) disappearance, and becomes a human rights defender demanding discovery, truth and justice,” explained Idalia Zepeda from ASDEHU. . The organization spoke to Voz Pública media outlet about the legal assistance it provided to the mother of the victim.

According to the police, Veronica’s arrest “resulted from a complaint about illegal groups. As we know, the exception regime allows this type of arrest to be carried out even without an investigative procedure, and only then was she taken to jail. , deprived of liberty,” Zepeda explained.

Veronica’s defense lawyer Oswaldo Fusier, upon leaving the Isidro Menéndez Judicial Center, confirmed that agents of the National Civil Police captured the explorer’s mother because “they saw her as a suspect,” without any additional evidence.

Veronica gained her freedom, but the case against her did not end, as the investigation into the alleged illegal groups against her would continue. According to the defence, the judge took into account that as a grandmother she was responsible for the care of her four-year-old granddaughter.

Zepeda said that, in the case of Veronica’s capture as a mother searching for her daughter, “We believe that this is a case of criminalization, not only of a human rights defender, but of criminalization of poverty. These women, in their The majority of people who make up this search block are living in stigmatized communities that had a presence of gangs, but have now been re-victimized. They have the sadness and regret of not knowing the whereabouts of a missing loved one, and now they Taking the risk of being deprived of freedom, within the framework of the regime”.

For his part, as director of legal aid, Escobar published in Your daughter, the penal centers now release her!”

More than 76,000 people have been detained since the beginning of the emergency rule, which will turn two years old on March 27, according to official figures from government officials. Of this detained population, at least 7,000 have been released because authorities found no evidence that they had any ties to gangs.

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