Emily Blunt (Oppenheimer): This obstacle could have adversely affected her acting career

Emily Blunt, who became a movie star, could have missed out on her acting career. When he was young, Oppenheimer’s star suffered from a handicap incompatible with comedy.

Emily Blunt has made her own little way into the world of the seventh art, and quite nicely. About the plague that showed all the colors of Anne Hathaway the devil Wears Prada Is timeless and fabulous mary poppinsThe 41 year old actress described herself as One of the most bankable in Hollywood by integrating Oppenheimer’s casting, A ready destiny that the British-Americans almost missed.

in an interview for Marie ClaireHazel and Violet’s mother explained that it was very important to them teach them to open up to the world , I encourage them to embrace differences and not be afraid of them “. If this aspect of the education she gives her daughters is essential, it is because when she was young, Emily Blunt herself was afraid of others because of a disability: stuttering.

pronunciation problems

heroine of girl in the train She said she was deeply moved by her classmates’ curious and mocking glances at her. It’s not an easy time for Michael Buble’s ex-wife, who still cheated on him Allowed to pursue a career as an actress Which he had not thought about.

Inspired by her teachers, Emily Blunt took Theater lessons to improve your pronunciation , I accepted my differences and started speaking very fluently. I had an absolutely terrible Northern English accent. , This is where I realized that I have taken control of my stuttering, it is probably temporary and I can eventually live with it very well. “. It’s clear she did a good job by being positive!

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