Emily Ratajkowski Embraces Modern Life With XXL Bag

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open for business
It’s in there somewhere—she just knows it! Ratajkowski sinks the depths of her mega coach bag, Miu Miu Top, skirt, briefs, and belt.

Square Deal A neat little Fendi tote splits the difference between quiet discretion and a big bold statement.

square Deal
a neat bit fendi The tote (fendi​.com) splits the difference between quiet discretion and making big, bold statements.

Keep it going Meltdown What Meltdown There's nothing Ratajkowski can't do with a sturdy Ferragamo bag in her grip...

keep it moving
Recession? What kind of recession? with a strong ferragamo There’s no such thing as a bag in his grip Ratajkowski Can’t handle it. loewe Top, shorts and shoes.

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carried away
Will travel with earbuds, change of shoes and attractive purse. Miu Miu bag, and acne studio Dress.

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good thing
trust him loewe To stop the chaos, Ratajkowski Takes it-girl ease to a whole new level. cartier Watch.

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sort it out
The trash of contemporary life looks much more dignified when carried around in something Bottega Veneta, wouldn’t you say? All-in top. michael kors collection skirt.

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nesting instinct
Ratajkowski Let things go a little to the side, pick up a bag and carry Quarrel With a happy yellow pocketbook Polo Ralph Lauren Hidden inside it. ferragamo jacket. marnie pants.

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remains of the day
Bottom: hermes bag. Center: loewe Shoes.

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to use it hermes hand band, Ratajkowski Makes a delightful mess in one H&M bodysuit. Bottega Veneta skirt.

In this story: Child, Tamara McNaughton; Makeup, Dick Page. Created by Leon Ioannou at Pony Projects. Set Design: Caz Slattery. Photo taken in Oculus of the World Trade Center.

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