What is the waiting time?

In late February, the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez of the PSOE extended the possibility of Spanish nationality through the so-called “Grandchildren Law” (actually the Democratic Memory Law) until October 2025. Many, in this process or after becoming citizens, ask themselves, what is the wait time?

The deadline to apply for Spanish nationality under the Democratic Memory Law was extended by one year. This was announced on 29 February by Angel Víctor Torres, Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory. In this way, people deported by the Franco dictatorship and their descendants will have, among other issues, until the end of 2025 to submit their application for Spanish citizenship.

Without a doubt, this measure will allow a large number of people to benefit from this law, which recognizes the right to Spanish nationality for those who were forced into exile by the Franco dictatorship or their descendants to Cuba, Were living in other countries like Argentina. , Colombia. , Venezuela, etc.

This declaration was accepted with satisfaction by the exiled confederates, who considered it an important step to repair the damage caused and that their descendants would be able to obtain the coveted Spanish nationality. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people may benefit from this expansion.

What is the waiting time for grandchildren to become naturalized with the law?

We remember who can apply for Spanish nationality through the Grandchildren Law. For example, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Spaniards who went into exile because of the civil war or the Franco dictatorship. Sons and daughters of Spanish women who lost their nationality by marrying a foreigner before 1978. As well as those children of legal age who could not become Spanish during the Historical Memory Law when their parents became Spanish.

What requirements must be met? Some of them do not have Spanish nationality, have not been convicted of a serious crime, prove the deported status of a grandfather or grandmother, declare a will to acquire Spanish nationality and, in some cases, renounce the original nationality. (Not mandatory for residents of Latin America, Andorra, Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or Sephardic countries).

What is the waiting time for Spanish Nationality with Grandchildren law? A recent report from Argentina, the country with the most applications for Spanish passports through this law, along with Cuba, suggests that it could take up to two years, but most importantly, start the process before October 2025. Is. ,

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