Emma Roberts says Kim Kardashian was ‘ready’ for ‘AHS’

emma roberts And Kim Kardashian Teamed up to play the ultimate couple American Horror Story: Fragile And their chemistry was unmatched. The franchise’s lead actress revealed what it was like working with the reality star.

“I mean, she’s amazing. He is a professional,” scream queens The 32-year-old alum told Excessive On Tuesday, January 23. “He’s one of the most prepared people I’ve ever worked with, and he’s just so cool. I love him very much.”

Fans were thoroughly impressed by Kim’s acting skills during the September 2023 premiere, where she played staunch campaigner Siobhan Corbin, representing Emma’s character, rising actress Anna Victoria Alcott. ​The 43-year-old beauty mogul made sure to capture the audience’s attention during the opening scene.

“Then tell Daniels to suck my pussy. “She’s not missing a press day for an AF-king commercial shoot,” Kim’s onscreen character says over the phone.

Fans took to social media to praise Kim’s performance. “Ok. Here it is. I’m going to say this. Blast me, unfollow me, do whatever you want but I’m going to say this,” one person wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) at the time. Wrote “I enjoyed Kim K’s character and I look forward to seeing more of Siobhan.”

Kim’s journey filming her first scripted series was featured during kardashian Season 4 finale and she had no problem admitting how much she was looking forward to working with prestigious names in the entertainment industry.

“Well, our first scene and I’m shooting with Emma Roberts, and I don’t know. I’m not nervous, I just want to make sure I do a good job or have my lines. I mean, Emma is so fun to work with. It’s like Emma does full-time, she’s huge,” Kim praised her costar during a confessional interview. “Emma is very nice, very beautiful, very sweet and she is very creative. I’m definitely out of my comfort zone, but I love that. That’s how you grow.”

Emma’s recent praise of Kim’s talent isn’t the first time she’s spoken positively about the SKIMS founder. In fact, We’re the Millers The actress remembered that moment ahs co-producer Ryan Murphy She was told who would play the role of her publicist and she was very happy with the decision.

“When Ryan called me and said, ‘Kim Kardashian is playing your publicist,’ I said, ‘You’ve crossed talent status,'” Emma recalled during an event. grazia usa cMore on the story in December 2023. “I thought it was brilliant.”

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