Emma Stone – Poor Creatures: “Bella is the character that made me the happiest”

After winning the Golden Globe for Best Performance in a Comedy, Emma Stone declared her utter love for her character.

On the occasion of my visit to the city of lights, Emma Stone talks about her latest incarnation, the quirky Bella Baxter poor creatures, It is the fruit of long-term work by the young lady, Doctor Godwin Baxter (william defoe), a deformed mad scientist because he also served as an experiment.

The actress’s performance has been making waves since the Venice Film Festival. Following the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards as Best Actress for this role, Emma Stone had to see the experience lanthimos, which she repeats for the third time. The actress participated in the exercise by answering questions from journalists about this recent experiment. Here are his best comments during the film’s Parisian press conference.

Poor Creatures: Emma Stone’s Greatest Role (Review)

,This is actually the third time we’ve worked together, we made a short film in between (bleating, He first remembered the Greek filmmaker. I think what made the difference was that we knew each other more. He told me this idea of ​​the film immediately after the shooting Favorite. We were talking about this for a long time and in the meantime became friends.,

lanthimos effect

It was obvious for the actress to renew the collaboration Yorgos LanthimosWith which she claims artistic compatibility in methodology:

,We get along very well, we understand each other, we don’t need to talk. She doesn’t like intellectualism, which is a good thing because I don’t either. He is very practical, both in the physical aspect and in experimenting with new things, he is very open. I am very receptive to it.,

Finding Bella Baxter’s Beat

The actress then discussed the gestures and movements she had to adopt to bring Bella Baxter to life and vibrate as she begins her first moments as a baby. Gradually, she becomes aware of the pleasures of life: sex, food, and especially dancing.

,yorgos And I worked on the movements of different stages of his life. There was a lot of experimentation, she starts off as a child, but at the same time she’s not the same. ,

To further Bella’s progress, we had to create inventive games. It’s not based on a true story so I couldn’t copy. These were just attempts, make or break. We did a lot of preparation for the dance scene with Mark (Ruffalo). Choreographer of Favorite, came and we started this fun quest, namely: How can Bella dance? There is a form of freedom that emerges. It’s a struggle, Duncan Wedderburn holding Bella back by the waist, but also struggling to convey the effect Bella has on him… It took a very long time to create, we spent months Got it, so when the champagne was finished we opened it.,

Poor Jeeves (2024)
searchlight picture

Costumes and sets in keeping with the Baxter revolution

Emma Stone The almost dream-like environment in which Bella finds herself throughout her journey. The young creature ventures into unusual, apocalyptic, icy or even idyllic realms… sometimes in “Jassy”-like costumes.bubble wrap“(According to her interpreter) that Bella Baxter symbolizes her growth as a woman.

,Seeing the world through Bella’s eyes made things easier. I was seeing the world (settings) from Bella’s perspective – there were a lot of details. It was very creative. I think all actors have experienced things like this. What he has done is amazing. The artistic team was very talented. yorgos Also very attentive to details! A month before the shooting, we did fittings and yorgos And I wanted to work on shapes and colors. When Bella travels, she wears her own clothes, her outfits becoming more mature. Its clothing is informative and says much about its development and location.,

as a conclusion, Emma Stone Gave a heart touching statement regarding his career. It seems Bella Baxter has branded the young lady for good:

,Bella is the character that made me the happiest.The actress said.

poor creatures was released on 17 January 2024 in Theaters. Here is its trailer:

Have you seen the faces of the stars hidden on the posters of Poor Creatures?

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