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While viewers can once again see Hermione Granger struggle with Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows, Part 2 On Tuesday, there was one man who abandoned magical potions for a more mundane bottle. Emma Watson needed a break from her career, she revealed the trend He recently launched a French-sounding gin with his brother Alex: Rennais.

This is not surprising, because the Briton’s parents live in France, she was born in Paris and she speaks the language of Moliere very well. Even better, it was the Chablis grape that he chose to distill the drink he created with his brother. The campaign, with an esoteric and vintage background, features the brother and sister riding around on a Vespa, in the middle of nature, with lots of pastel colors and lace.

right project

“Alex and I are coming to infiltrate your cocktail shelf just in time for Christmas with the new Rennais Artwork Edition, which was designed, painted and engraved by me last summer! », the star announced on Instagram, adding unique stickers created by her little hands. “These are in each box so you can decorate your bottle. ,

Count on about 90 euros to play the sticker, but it takes a good part of the new life of the actress, who has not played in front of the camera since 2019 and Doctor March’s Daughters By Greta Gerwig. Those looking to find it on the big screen instead of at the bottom of their glasses will have to wait a little longer. He doesn’t really miss cinema.

respond the trend Through her Tarot deck, which is a must-have in her handbag, Emma Watson revealed that she has “planted a lot of seeds over the last four or five years.” To me, the card speaks of a kind of maturity, of things coming to fruition. It’s exciting,” she insists.

However, fans can rest assured: after declaring herself stuck in this job that went too soon, too soon, Emma Watson does not at all rule out the possibility of a return in front of the cameras. She is just waiting for the right project. And this complaint may be coming from herself, because she took creative writing classes, directed a short film for a perfume, and even wrote a play.

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