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Erica De Cassier, still (4AD)

Without a doubt, we find on this disc what will remain the best chorus of the year – that is princess, The passionate soul juice was pushed out from the depths of the stomach, almost derailed, extremely hoarse voice. or at least that’s what it is still, Erica de Cassier’s third album, makes us believe, and it’s wonderful, isn’t it, records that do that? Dan has become accustomed to doing this ever since do my thingHer first such sexy locomotive Mandatory, released as an autopro in 2019 and which instantly turned it into an object of obsession among platform explorers. While critics, who at the time were always proud to display his deviations, mainly discussed his sexuality, the singer-songwriter trained in the transient duo Saint-Cava revealed such an interest in his basslines and snare drums. Which was the inspiration for R’N’s incarnations. ‘B, a style subject to the race towards modernity, considered obsolete and out of date (New-Jack Swing, Californian G-Funk, Smooth Funk à la Sade, Commercial 2-Step à la Craig David). But beyond her resurgence, Erica De Cassier has endeared herself to us for something even more valuable than her MP3 collection: her unique songwriting, which leads to an earworm on average one out of three times. Not extinguishable. still Ideally, extends the pleasant life and plows the drain. from the whirlwinds of the artificial harp right this wayDelightful Rodney Jerk Production Delicacy


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