ETECSA announces “benefits” for fixed minute telephony in Cuba

Cuba’s sole telecommunications company, ETECSA, announced on January 25 an upcoming “gift” for subscribers of alternative fixed telephony (minute telephones) in Cuba.

,New benefits for the alternative fixed telephony service are coming soon,” he wrote on his social network. According to its website, there will be new features highly requested by users of this service, among them, the ability to recharge when the minutes run out. And thus they will not have to remain without service or limited to calling.

Information from ETECSA indicates that the alternative fixed telephony (TFA) service, also known as minute telephone, will soon be updated with new technical support that will help customers who use this type of landline telephone. Will improve the experience.

This will bring with it new advantages, the main ones being: the possibility of paying a monthly fee and recharging the service when the minutes run out. In addition, TFA customers will be able to enjoy other benefits. We tell you below.

What other benefits would there be from fixed line telephony by minutes in Cuba?

For example, you can make and receive international calls and SMS, as long as your device allows it. Make a collect call on mobile phone by dialing *99. Call emergency services free of charge: 103 anti-drug, 104 ambulance, 105 firefighters, 106 National Revolutionary Police and 107 maritime search and rescue.

Another “gift” from ETECSA with this fixed-minute telephone service is “calling 113. Information about fixed-line telephone subscribers (deducted from the monthly fee). Free calls to telephone assistance services: 114 landline repair, 118 Commercial Information, green number 800 XXXXX, in addition to the usual 5264 2244 TFA customer support service.

They will be able to access complementary services (call waiting and conference and caller ID whenever their equipment allows it). Check your balance by dialing *118#.

From now on, the 20.00 CUP monthly payment will start to be consumed from the 1st of each month. This fee is billed the following month, which must be paid before the 30 days expire. You will be able to continue the service during the month, as long as you prepay the amount you want.

And as we anticipated, you can recharge the service at any time you want and continue enjoying it, both through ETECSA commercial offices and through the GSM recharge card.

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