To prepare the best pot mole, cochinita pibil or delicious beef broth

If you are late and do not have time to cook beans, broad beans, lentils, chicken, red meat and even pozole, we leave you with this pressure cooker that you can buy here. Amazon Mexico at a special price of only 999 pesos, is also 40% discount couponso all you have left is this 599 pesos,

7L pressure cooker suitable for 4-5 people.

*Some prices may have changed since last review

It has a capacity of seven litres, allowing you to prepare food for up to five people; Comes with excellent thermal conductivity, so it heats evenly So that all your foods are perfect when served, It has a valve and safety lid to avoid accidents. Its ergonomic handle will help you carry the utensil everywhere without any injury.

This product already has free shipping, but if you want to enjoy many benefits like priority delivery or schedule them including weekends with no minimum purchase, we suggest you subscribe. Amazon Prime for only 99 pesos Or 899 pesos Year; You can also take advantage of this 30 day completely free trial If you are a new member to the service.

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