Tourism.- FITUR.- Jabugo presents its ‘Municipality with emotional well-being’ project in FITUR – Spain

The City Council of Jabugo (Huelva) has appeared at the Madrid International Tourism Fair (FITUR) to promote its ‘Municipality with emotional well-being’ project, a unique initiative aimed at linking the most outstanding tourist resources of the municipality Is. People’s emotional health, “promoting unique experiences based on nature, sports and gastronomy”, as indicated in a note.

The Mayor, Gilberto Domínguez, along with the Deputy Mayors, Elena Castilla and Mireya Sánchez, have given two presentations of the project, this Thursday at the Philippines stand and this Friday at the Huelva stand in the Andalusia Pavilion. Also present was José Antonio Galliani, president of the Sebital Association, an organization that has given Jabugo the title of Municipality with Emotional Well-Being that has promoted the project.

The Mayor has indicated that, “Following the success achieved in 2023 as the Spanish Gastronomic City, the City Council is now starting a new phase with which to harness our tourist resources and their efforts to generate happiness and emotional well-being in all people.” “Evaluation of capacity will continue.” Who come to meet us.”

Domínguez explained that “There is nothing more joyful than sharing a plate of the best ham in the world and even more so if it is done in Jabugo, while enjoying our pastures, our trails and our nature; that is what this The aim of the project is to provide our visitors with a unique and unforgettable experience.”

The ‘Jabugo, municipality with emotional well-being’ program includes activities aimed at promoting healthy gastronomic tourism, “with already recognized experiences such as the greatest stew in the world or precampanades with Iberian ham.” Along with these, new features such as culinary workshops, gastronomic parties and emotional self-care workshops are also included.

On the other hand, in the area of ​​active tourism, the program includes the promotion of the ‘Jabugo de Cuento’ trail, one of the most visited routes in the region, in which there will be a program of guided tours, talks on emotional well-being And healthy lunch..

In addition, activities will be carried out in collaboration with educational centers through the educational proposal ‘Colegio Sendero de Cuento’, together with the teaching staff to disseminate among children “the benefits that will result from the implementation of these routes”, promoting sports in its full form. Will be promoted from. and emotional well-being.

To publicize the project, the Mayor has presented a promotional site for this new tourist resource and invites people to come to Jabugo “to enjoy what the City Council has prepared for the coming months. For.”

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