ETECSA announces changes to the Cuban Nauta portal

The Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), the only one of its kind in the country, announced this week a change in access to the Nauta portal. What will these soon-to-be-activated variations be? We tell you.

This Cuban technical unit reported modifications to the Nauta portal, which will soon be accessible through the new link In addition, through it it will be possible to manage Nauta and landline services without the need to repeatedly enter the portal or go to the ETECSA commercial office at your location.

As if this were not enough, it will now have greater security by including the option of notifications for sensitive operations such as password changes, transfers and recharges, as ETECSA explains on the official website.

“If you still use to consult and recharge your Nauta accounts, this information is of interest to you. Very soon the site used by our customers to consult, transfer and recharge their Nauta accounts will stop providing service and only the Nauta User Portal will be accessible. “”. They add.

Changes in the ETECSA Nauta portal

What else do these changes bring to the ETECSA Nauta portal? according to them andThe Nauta user portal has now changed and presents a new format, focused on the customer and not on service as it was seen till now.

That is, before you register on with the username of your international navigation account and the corresponding password to navigate; Now you must register on with a new username and password, which will be the same one you use to perform actions from the “Online Service” on or Let’s do it for. :/ / If you already use this option, you need to log in with your existing registration for this portal.

According to ETECSA, it also includes greater security by including the option of notifications for sensitive operations such as password changes, transfers and recharges. Other improvements are:

  • Management of all Nauta services that the customer has, without the need to go to a commercial office or access the portal multiple times to manage each of their services.
  • Create an international navigation account.
  • Disconnect browsing session.
  • Reminder notifications for Nauta Home service before the blocking date and deletion date.
  • Payment and recharge using “TransferMovil” payment gateway.
  • The performance of mobile and landline (basic) telephony services, which the customer owns.
  • Banner section with information of interest.

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