ETECSA reminds its customers to pay their monthly Nauta Hogar fees

The Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) has issued a reminder Regarding requiring its customers to pay monthly fee for home internet service, Nauta Hogar.

Nauta Hogar service in Cuba offers a range of features attractive to many people. It uses ADSL technology, which allows users to surf the Internet and use the phone at the same time.

In addition, it offers WiFi connection through the installed modem and different speeds to choose from with a bonus for the first month of the contract.

Cuba’s only telecommunications company has explained how customers can pay their monthly Nauta Hogar fee through the TransferMóvil application.

To do this, users must authenticate in the application, go to the ‘Operations’ menu, select ‘Recharge Nauta’, fill in the corresponding boxes and make sure to check the ‘Pay Nauta Hogar’ option.

Pay for Nauta Hogar service in Cuba

Apart from TransferMovil, there are other ways to pay for Nauta Hogar. Customers can do this through the Nauta user portal, online services, the Enzona application with a 5% discount or directly at the commercial office.

ETECSA has also established agreements with several official websites to allow recharging of Nauta accounts from abroad. These sites include chimeCSQ, DT OneIDT and Global Digital.

In this sense, it is important to know that customers who recharge their Nauta account can use the remaining amount to pay the monthly fee for the Nauta Hogar service, as long as the recharged account is linked to the service. Have a linked access account.

Nauta Home Service Request

To request Nauta Hogar service, customers in Cuba must have telephone service, live in an area where the service is marketed, and select the speed according to the conditions of the wired network reaching their home. .

An access account with the domain is linked to the service, which includes browsing hours for the month.

If this time expires, customers can top up the account by prepaying for what they want to consume. After scheduled hours end the navigation rate is 12.50 CUP/hour.

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