Maduro makes fun of almost everyone

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro points to the sky as he is led to the National Electoral Commission (CNE) to formalize his candidacy to run again for the presidency in Caracas. The candidates with the greatest electoral prospects were banned by the regime (AP)

Nicolas Maduro He made fun of almost everyone. Only his associates, masters and political associates –Daniel Ortega, Miguel Diaz-Caneltandem evo morales,Luis Arce, Lula da Silva And Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador– They may be aware of the anti-democratic moves that have taken place since the beginning of the electoral nomination campaign and may support and ignore them. they didn’t make fun of them, Brazilian, spokesperson for BRIC in the region and which has always supported its Caribbean neighbor maintains complete silence Despite the fact that he himself was reported to be banned from participating in the 2018 elections due to various corruption reasons.

The regime’s last blow to democracy was this Monday, when it stopped Corina Yoris Register your name as a candidate. This was the option with the best chance of overthrowing the Caribbean dictator and was blessed by Maria Corina Machado -The most popular politicians of the country- To replace him in the event of his own presidential nomination being illegally blocked. Miraflores knows that any ballot titled “CorinaIts structure will be shaken.

But at the last moment of last date of registration of candidates, Portrait of Manuel Rosales emerged, is 71 years old and is the governor of the second most populous state Venezuela, Zulia, is viewed with a slant by opponents. who really is Rosales,It is part of the opposition coalition, but also closest to Chavismo.”says a Venezuelan analyst familiar with the corridors of power. Doubts about the hero of this last moment arise from the permission that they gave him to return to the country after exile. ,Maduro chose the worst opposition candidate, making it extremely difficult for Maria Corina Machado to transfer her votesThe source said.

But this Tuesday early morning a strong rumor spread. He National Election Council (CNE) will have accepted the last entries at 1 pm. He will be applicant number 13. During the day, he will inform the Chavista collegiate body if he meets the requirements. No one knows which party he belonged to, although some suspect he may have been democratic unity table (mud). Will this be the last chance for the opposition to present a unified name?

Not everyone was silent in this historical moment, louis lacalle pau He was the one who led the regional condemnation of crude Chavista maneuvers. uruguay Always stands as an institutional lighthouse. It was his government that promoted the joint statement signed argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, guatemala, paraguaya, peru And his country. He was released for now, chili And ColombiaWhose Chairman –gabriel boric And gustavo petro– They always wait a while to do a clear analysis. They love to get embroiled in Middle Eastern controversies and blabber as much as possible israel,

,These restrictions – including the impossibility of registering Yoris – prevent progress towards elections that would allow the democratization process in sister Venezuela to advance.“, the complaint states, asking Caracas to implement the tool so that citizens who meet the requirements can register for the presidential race so that “Brother Venezuelans can freely choose their next government, was invited brazil And Mexico To sign the document, as revealed by the newspaper Country Of montevideoBut he preferred to go through this time.

Chancellor of the dictatorship, Yvan Gil, became enraged at this proclamation. ,It seems that there are governments who, without fear of political ridicule, want to revive the failed Lima Group, shattered by the Bolivarian Revolution, which would also shatter these new interventionist claims. The Lima Cartel is a stain on the Latin American past, it ended up in the dustbin of history, that’s where this bizarre and uncultured pretender will end up, who, without the minimum of morality, intends to get involved in matters that are none of his concern. Are ., However, he did not say anything about the content of the statement. sins ad hominem By some dry logic.

But there is another Chavista trap. This is creating hindrances in voting all around. five million Venezuelans Those who had to go into exile to escape hunger, crime, political oppression and lack of future. Consulates and embassies do not allow registration of citizens who meet the formal requirements to vote. He CNE had announced that a special campaign for registration and updating would be conducted starting from March 18 till April 16 electoral registry In all Consulates Venezuela Foreign. However, it is still far from completion., Another attack against democracy.

Maduro no longer knows how many hands will need to be cast at the ballot box to avoid his electoral collapse,

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