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Not surprisingly, given the competition, Wednesday Did not win the title of “Best Comedy” during the 75th Emmy Awards ceremony held in the United States this Monday, January 15, 2024. A disappointment for the fans, who nevertheless deserved good compensation to forget their pain.

A deeper and bigger season 2 for Wednesday

Present at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles last night, Jenna Ortega – who was also nominated in the category “Best Actress in a Comedy”, took advantage of the red carpet to make some revelations about the upcoming season 2 on Netflix.

The actress hasn’t announced a release date yet (filming hasn’t even started yet), but she still teased some great things for the future: “I got the first script for Season 2 and, of course, We’re headed for something a little scarier“. And then promise: “Everything will be bigger. there will be some more action,

The positive thing in all this is that these very interesting developments should not change the very unique characteristics of the heroine. ,It’s really exciting, because throughout the series, wednesday never changes completelyAnd that’s what’s great about itJenna Ortega said. And there are already excellent new lines“. That’s good, we only live to eat salty Wednesdays!

Jenna Ortega’s Dumplings

Finally, while this new environment should take the series to a higher dimension, know that the actress later copied the creators stranger things By making possibly the most trite, idiotic, and insulting statement for the genre: “I think that Each episode will bring the feeling of being like a moviewhich is great,

Sorry, not sorry, Jenna, but we don’t see how wise this comparison is because both industries have long complemented each other and are finding themselves at the same level. and these are not better call Saul, for all Mankind Or fargo, a series with creative flair, staging ideas and stunning photography that will leave us in stitches. Conversely, we can remember that cinema, ostensibly considered more prestigious and of quality, still treats us like dung. shine, knight of the zodiac Or family switch,

Also, saying that more work will be done on Season 2 with more efforts overall: That’s fine and will be much better. To say that the series would be better because it is closer to a film is neither fair nor unfair.

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