Extracorporeal Circulation Pump for Cardiac Surgery

He Ribera University Hospital (Alzira, Valencia) has acquired Latest generation extracorporeal circulation pumps For open heart interventions in cardiac surgery, which involves an investment of 337,590 euros. this is a advanced medical technology which is used Change the functioning of the heart and lungs during surgery Heart and it provides many benefits to the patient and the professional. Thus it becomes the Valencian centre. one of the first in spain to buy a pump extracorporeal circulation Most advanced on the market.

as you explained Juan Antonio Margarita, Head of the centre’s cardiac surgery service, “The new pump is a technology
precision that Allows clinical decisions to be made based on data analysis and provides precise and safe spraying.” Equipped with pump advanced monitoring system Which allows the medical team to continuously monitor and control the patient’s vital parameters, such as Heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and blood flow.

Personal monitoring and safety in cardiac surgery

For Marguerite, “It personalized monitoring Perfusion allows specialists to detect any changes or complications in real time and take necessary measures to gensure the safety and success of the infusion, The main part of the surgery.” Additionally, “By maintaining adequate and controlled blood circulation, the pump helps reduce the risk of complications during the intervention, such as brain damage, kidney failure or problems with other organs,” the service. The head of said.

for its part, Maria Jose SotoA perfusion nurse from Alzira Hospital, highlights that “the integrated monitor allows to provide personalized clinical perfusion support to the patient.” “Also, the new pump Records and analyzes patient’s perfusion, prepare a report Hospital data can be transferred to the system in real timeintegrate into history
Patient Clinic,” he explained.

for its part, Ribera Health Department Manager, Rosabelle Ribs has emphasized that the acquisition of this new technology “represents a Significant increase in hospital capacity to offer one advanced heart care and personalized.” “This system not only guarantees patient safety, but also provides health professionals with the necessary tools timely informed decisions“, the manager concluded.

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