Eyewitnesses tell how they shot three people from the same family in Nagua

There are still blood stains on the road where three members of the same family were gunned down while riding in a vehicle. Naguaprovince Maria Trinidad Sanchez,

According to eyewitnesses, at around 3:00 pm, they saw two armed groups who were firing, however, only a camera in a building, focusing obliquely on where the incident occurred, captured that exact moment. In which they were shot. He took his life.

He says that, the vehicles were damaged due to traffic jam due to reconstruction of the road and then unknown persons attacked the black Toyota 4Runner jeep where the vehicles were being transported. victimPossibly for some”settle scores,

The three men, who were reportedly visiting relatives, belonged to the same family, Roberto LopezAka Patnita who died in the incident was the younger brother of the injured Francisco Cortoreal Lopez, aka El Gringo, 42 years old. Whereas, Santos Mercedes Escolástico (Santico), 34 years old, was his cousin.

According to neighbours, Patanita lived with her mother and was dedicated to washing cars in her home, while Santico worked as a public transport driver.

Both had criminal records, possibly for cases of Sexual Exploitation However, for the minors, after completing their charges, they were already free.

Francisco, who is seriously injured, had not visited the country for nearly seven years and arrived last Sunday intending to stay at least a week.

Both the deceased and the injured are from the Los Limones community of the El Pozo municipal district. L Factor Municipality, where community members expressed that they were cool young people. There he was kept under watch in the family home.

To date, they have not identified those responsible for this incident, however, the Public Ministry, together with police authorities, has launched an investigation to clarify the circumstances in which this incident occurred.

Whereas, the Regional Directorate of National Police Maria Trinidad SanchezOrdered the deployment of units across the province to determine the whereabouts of those responsible.

Unofficially, it emerged that it was a dispute between gangs for unspecified reasons; However, this information has not been confirmed by any official.

Multiple shootings in 6 years

municipality of Naguain the province Maria Trinidad SanchezThere have been at least seven shootings with eleven deaths in the past six years, staining the tropical and coastal city with blood.

The most recent victims were shot this Wednesday, January 10, 2024, resulting in the death of Santos Mercedes Escolatico (Santico), 34, and Roberto López (Patanita), while Francisco Cortorreal López (El Gringo), 42. He had recently arrived from the United States and was seriously injured by at least nine bullet wounds.

They were stopped and shot by unknown persons in broad daylight at kilometer 3 of the Nagua-San Francisco de Macorís highway.

However, on September 13, 2023, a person was identified “drug trafficking leadersIn Nagua, he died after being shot by bullets along with his bodyguard as they stood in front of the Nagua municipal cemetery, where they had come to offer their condolences.

Edward Pérez, known as “The Man”, and another man identified as Ramoncito, reportedly a member of Pérez’s security, died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds .

Similarly, on July 11 of the same year, manuel santos genao He died while receiving medical attention after being shot by unknown persons at his workplace at the Yoyo Mechanics Workshop, located in this municipality.

Shot dead by unknown persons last Tuesday 4th May 2021 alfonso pena, who was an evangelical pastor in this coastal city. The man was fatally injured by two men for unknown reasons and lost his life during treatment.

While on June 16, 2021, 4 people were arrested linked to the brutal murder of 78-year-old Librada de la Cruz and 15-year-old Selena Almonte, both of whom were murdered in the home of an elderly woman, the grandmother of the teenager’s partner, who She was also raped.

criminals used the block And they resort to lathi charge to take their lives. Once the young woman was dead and the woman was seriously injured, their bodies were dumped behind the house.

Meanwhile, on November 30, 2021, after removing a child from his legs, Ericon Ventura was shot multiple times at close range when two men broke into his home on the second level on 12th Street in the San Jose sector. De Villa and ended his life.

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