Fans campaign against Tiago Volpi for elimination in ConcaChampions

Elimination of Toluca from Concachampions In front of him Herediano This caused tremendous anger not only among the Mexican team players, but also among the fans, who condemned the players’ performance to international ridicule.

One of the most criticized players It was Brazilian goalkeeper Tiago Volpi, who came off looking visibly upset at the end of the match. His teammates had to calm him down and as he headed down the tunnel to the locker room, fans threw trash at him, criticizing his performance.

The match against Toluca was tied 4-4 Herediano, Costa RicaMexican led team Hector Altamirano, The Mexicans won 2–0 and lost 3–2. They won the first leg 2–1, but were eliminated on away goals Sauce,

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Videos of Toluca fans circulate on social networks Saying goodbye with a barrage of abuse, mentions and glasses of beer. For Toluca players. it was certain to get majority volpiWho looked quite worried. Luckily it didn’t get any worse.

Criticism was also issued on social networks regarding the player, who has not had good performances during his time at the club. Tolucawhich the public is worried about Fed up with their demonstrations under the three cases.

Obviously people consider this volpi Could have done more to avoid defeat against the Central Americans. The fans are dissatisfied and now they just have to perform well against monterey this coming weekend Liga MX,

criticism on social networks

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