Fans choose Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld over Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany for Bills-Chiefs game

The Patrick Mahomes-led Kansas City Chiefs and Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills will meet in the playoffs for the third time in four seasons.

Both Mahomes and Allen are offensive specialists with clear favorite targets (Travis Kelce and Stefon Diggs, respectively) and a tendency to rush when gaps become available.

Both teams struggled throughout the regular season, at times looking like they would miss the playoffs entirely, but eventually regained momentum and won their respective Wild Card games against the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, someone took the opportunity to take a dig at Mahomes’ wife, Brittany.

Soon, others started joining him:

Patrick Mahomes compares himself, Josh Allen to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning

When one thinks of “Patrick Mahomes’ best opponent”, Josh Allen is definitely the first person that comes to mind. But for a multiple-time champion, MVP, All-Pro and Pro Bowler, it’s not fair to make comparisons between them.

Speaking to reporters after Wednesday’s practice before the Chiefs’ visit to the Bills, he described their rivalry as the equivalent of Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning.

“I grew up watching those (Brady-Manning) games and I remember how many memories I have from them, and hopefully we can play in these great games as well and help the kids coming up behind us,” Mahomes said. Can give memories.”

However, off the field the two quarterbacks are friends. Two years earlier, he had opposed Brady and Aaron Rodgers in The Match, a friendly doubles golf tournament held in Las Vegas.

“Josh is a great guy,” Mahomes said. “I respect the way he plays football and his personality. But when two players who are extremely competitive and friends off the field go against each other, obviously we both want to win. Let’s see the other one in the offseason.” And you want to get some of those bragging rights.”

Mahomes and Allen’s confrontation represents the seventh of their respective careers. The East is only 1-3 in the regular season but 2-0 in the playoffs.

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