They kill a Cuban in Havana for stealing his motorcycle

A 51-year-old Cuban man, his father and grandfather were murdered for stealing a motorcycle in Havana.

Walter MulgadoAccording to what her stepdaughter reported on Facebook, the resident of the town of Calabazar in the Municipality of Boyeros died last Saturday, January 13. claudia estradaWho demands justice.

“This is a revelation of sadness and great pain. How long will we have to go on like this, how long will we have to give the news to a mother, to a desperate wife, that her son has been the victim of a murder.” She keeps calling him all day at home and hears nothing from him, that her husband has been murdered, her daughters say that their father will never see them again. How do we tell our six-year-old granddaughters that their father is no longer with them,” she lamented.

Facebook Capture/Claudia Estrada

“On Saturday, January 13, we endured all that, the greatest pain I could ever feel. A human being, my stepfather, but more than that, my father was brutally murdered, his electric motorcycle, plastic To snatch a piece of as they say.” , he adds.

Walter Mulgado was assassinated in the city of El Rocío. It is not yet known whether the criminals accomplished their objective and took away the motorcycle or not.

A resident of the area told reporter Yosmani Mayeta Labrada that he was a businessman who sold “breeding pigs and even household equipment.”

Facebook screenshot / Yosmani Mayetta Labrada

“Our family is demanding justice to find those who took the life of that great human being, that outstanding person,” asked Claudia Estrada.

“When they start changing the laws here and start punishing people who commit these crimes by killing and torturing, it’s true that they’re not going to give it back to us, but because whatever they do They are there, and feel, he has to suffer. They feel all the pain they kill without thinking about their family and without thinking about anyone else. It is unbelievable that they have to take someone’s life like this. There is no right, there is no right, there is no one,” he added.

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