Fashion dynasty: Jenner sisters, the most fashionable in the world?

He laid the world at his feet. Their first names sound like luxury brands, and each of their posts on Instagram is an event and their appearances at major events turn into a frenzy. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are undoubtedly the most bankable it-girls of this decade. A pop culture phenomenon that spans the entire society. Obviously, it’s impossible to talk about these two sisters without talking about the entire family. Yes, both brunettes are half-sisters of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Their mother, Kris Jenner, built a veritable empire thanks to her daughters’ escapades and communication talents. An extraordinary family that is even studied in universities because their way of selling (themselves) is unique. But then what’s so charming about Kendall and Kylie’s style? What fashion DNA do they share? Portrait of a woman like no other.

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Kendall Jenner, supermodel

Kendall Jenner started her modeling career at the age of 14. It must be said that when your mother is already the most famous mother in the United States and your father is a very popular former Olympic champion, your future is completely decided. The eldest daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, Kendall stood out on the first season of the family reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” due to her height and great features. So in her early teens, Kendall Jenner was signed with Wilhelmina Models, one of the most prolific modeling agencies. She poses for a Forever 21 campaign and then walks in small shows at New York Fashion Week. We’re still a long way from her famous runway looks in Off-White or Versace, but Kendall Jenner — fueled by her blended family’s great fame — is becoming the girl to follow. She looks different from the rest of her sisters.

Its property? She remains natural, mysterious and a far cry from Kim Kardashian’s abundant artwork of the early 2010s. Kendall Jenner would then become the darling of fashion and Kardashian fans, and logically participate in the biggest Fashion Week shows: Fendi, Balmain, Marc Jacobs… At the same time, with her sister Kylie, she launched her own clothing brand Kendall + Launched Kylie, which was a huge success. Both sisters establish aesthetics and use social networks better than anyone, thus becoming queens of communication. Logically, in 2017 and at only 21 years old, she was crowned “Fashion Icon of the Decade” by the prestigious Daily Front Row association, but it was also the highest paid model in the world, which took away from this ranking. Eliminated the seemingly indestructible Gisele. Bündchen.

Kendall – yes, there’s no need to pronounce her last name when you’re at this level of celebrity – is the model who hits the catwalk. Yet widely criticized for her low standards on the runway and the fact that she always adopts the same closed expression in parades and photographs, the young woman is the supermodel of her generation. Chanel, Dior, Miu Miu, Prada, Schiaparelli… no fashion house can resist him. But its greatest strength lies almost beyond the podium. Yes, it is her everyday looks that are closely studied. The cat-eyed brunette specializes in simple, retro and yet extraordinary looks to perfection. High-waisted jeans, a masculine shirt and a pair of kitsch loafers… Kendall is on the moodboards of fashionistas around the world. And this is without mentioning her immense skill in finding glamorous silhouettes on the red carpet. a legend.

Kylie Jenner, the invincible machine

How to describe Kylie Jenner? Some say she’s the Gen Z Kim Kardashian, others say she’s the real star of the Kardashian-Jenner family… It’s true that she’s elusive and hypnotizing. And, above all, it is an economic model in itself. A roaring industry. At the age of just 21, Kylie Jenner became the youngest billionaire in history. Incomparable, Kylie Jenner marks her era and exudes passion. One of the areas she masters better than anyone undoubtedly includes fashion. If brands, at the beginning of the decade, were reluctant to invite Kylie Jenner to the front rows of fashion shows, then the rise of Kim Kardashian – especially dubbed by the American magazine “Vogue” in 2013 – really unlocked the situation. will do it. young women. While still a teenager who garnered a legion of fans on her blog “King Kylie,” she found herself opening the doors to a world that until then we thought was just a matter of flirting with reality TV. Was very cautious about the idea. But the new era is about uniting the people. Social networks have become the fifth force and Kylie Jenner is its prime minister. That’s why fashion can’t function properly without a strike force like Kylie Jenner. Like her sister Kendall Jenner, Kylie will soon launch into modeling despite her short height of 68 meters. She poses for “Teen Vogue”, parades for Avril Lavigne’s brand, but will soon attract the attention of brands such as PacSun who will offer her collaborations. She then deploys a fabric capsule with her sister. a great success.

Kylie Jenner has continued to collaborate with mainstream brands to stay close to her dedicated fan base. Kylie Jenner sees her fame grow and becomes more wealthy than the Kardashian sisters, who were the main stars of this family. Everything will change in 2016, when Kylie Jenner will launch her makeup brand “Kylie Cosmetics”. She is one of the pioneers in the star-crafted cosmetics sector. But the difference with all its competitors: the products are praised by the press, buyers ask for more, and the communication is really well placed. Kylie Jenner is the face of her brand and is also taking advantage of her physical transformation. Basically, do you want a mouth like mine? Buy my glow. Wonderful. Everything comes together for Kylie Jenner who then becomes the biggest It-girl on the planet. His public appearances are scrutinized. And, of course, your dressing room needs to be copied to stay in the game. Tight jeans, an equally tight crop-top, a pink wig and then a sleek brown bob… Kylie Jenner’s aesthetic is constantly evolving and her fans rank her as an absolute icon. Luxury brands are clearly following suit: For several seasons, Kylie Jenner has been an indispensable front row during Paris Fashion Week. Acne Studios, Jean Paul Gaultier, Schiaparelli (and the legendary moment of the lion’s head dress during spring-summer 2023 couture week) or most recently Maison Margiela… there are as many high-profile moments as there are fashion shows. Inviting Kylie Jenner to see her collection means ensuring the absolute spotlight. Yes, Kylie Jenner is interesting till the end. But for how long?

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