Feyenoord: Chaquito Jimenez resumes fight to win title

Santiago Jimenez has 21 goals, just one less than Vangelis Pavlidis and Luuk de Jong.

mexican forward santiago jimenez scored in the victory Feyenoord About that Heracles, 3-0. With that goal, forward mexican team Back in the battle for scoring leadership in the Eredivisie.

santi jimenezAttacker FeyenoordWhile there are 21 goals in 24 games luke de jong And Vangelis Pavlidis They are in first place with 22 points in 25 games played.

gimenez He was having trouble maintaining his scoring pace, but he has been scoring two days in a row. In that good form, in addition to the local championship, he also scored against RomeIn the Europa League, although it could not avoid elimination Feyenoord,

Christian Jimenez’s son helps with his goal Feyenoord The Dutch continue to fight to win the championship, as they remain 10 points behind in second place psv eindhovenBy Chucky Lozano.

Chaquito JimenezBefore recapturing the streak, he was criticized for his lack of goals, as he went a month without celebrating a goal. Feyenoord, The Mexican was singled out by the press in the Netherlands and his coach asked for confidence in the forward, in addition to the fact that the stands had maintained their support.

good streak of santi jimenez A return to an important stage, as the end of the Dutch Championship approaches and Mexico They are preparing to play the semi-finals of the Nations League, in which they will face Panama.

In Jaime Lozano’s call, he is expected to be santi jimenez, because Raúl Jiménez has not recovered his level, and the only person who had a good moment was Henry Martín, the America forward. After the last games, Chaquito returned to the fight for a place mexican team And the Netherlands are in the battle to be crowned scoring champions.

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