ff. A.A. Secret internet lines in Ambato prison abolished. Ecuador news


Armed Forces (FF. AA) personnel worked on ceilings, walls, windows and lattices to dismantle wires secretly providing internet service to persons deprived of liberty (PPL) at Tungurahua Deprivation of Liberty Center no. . .1.

The lines were in the pavilions of the Penitentiary Center, so they were removed; There was even an antenna for internet service installed on one of the roofs, which was also removed.

“Operations inside the CPL (center for persons deprived of liberty) will continue to maintain peace and security of the population,” it said in a statement.

Tungurahua without curfew: what will happen to the Fruit and Flower Festival for Carnival?

Similarly, it was reported that a new discovery was made at the Cotopaxi Deprivation of Liberty Center. This action allowed the seizure of 1 firearm, 2 9 mm feeders and 312 9 mm caliber ammunition.

Searches are conducted on a permanent basis to eliminate the use of items not allowed inside the prisons and to achieve the peace the country needs for its development.

On the other hand, F.F. A.A. In coordination with the National Police, they raided a house in San Miguel Canton, Bolivar Province, resulting in the seizure of a firearm, ammunition and police clothing.

There will be no curfew in the canton of Tungurahua province from this Tuesday, January 23.

“We state that we proceed in full and unrestricted respect for human rights and under existing legal regulations,” the entity indicated. (yo)

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