When “Bring the Accused” appears in the film’s soundtrack

Movie – Enter Todd Haynes. American filmmakers to whom we are indebted Tune Or dark watersis back in theaters with his new film this Wednesday, January 24. may december, And discovering the feature film starring Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, viewers can’t help but be puzzled by the choice of soundtrack, which is surprising to say the least.

From the opening credits, and again several times in various scenes of the film, the same notes are echoed: let the accused inCult show investigating major criminal cases, broadcast for 20 years on France 2 (and for 3 years) rmc story,

We weren’t the only ones who were surprised when we discovered the film at the last Cannes Film Festival: in the screening room where we were, there were laughs every time we saw it, and other critics admitted that they found it Is “Weird and disturbing”, It’s a safe bet that this scene will be repeated in theaters these days.

Obviously, we are not indebted to Christophe Hondelet for this composition, which is actually a cover of a less famous cinema theme written by a French artist. it really is “The reworked and reworked score of messenger, by Joseph Losey, signed in his time by Michel Legrand. Magnificent music with poignant and unforgettable melodies, put to the service of a film no less spectacular (Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1971) », recalls the critic of World Jacques Mandelbaum.

A fan of David Bowie, Bob Dylan or The Velvet Undergound (he dedicated a documentary to them in 2021), Todd Haynes is a true music lover, and always gives music a big place in his films. Guest of a long interview broadcast on Fip last May, the filmmaker explained the extent to which he was surprised by Michel Legrand’s music Courier,

“It’s a very beautiful film, But most of all I was amazed by the soundtrack. I said to myself that this was very interesting music for a film.He says. “So I took that music and added it to the script (May to December) Scene by scene, as if composing an entire soundtrack with this music by Michel Legrand. And we realized to what extent the film depended on this music. We finally got the rights to use it just three weeks before we finished the film. ,

So it’s for the sound of Michel Legrand – not for the credits Let the accused come inside, Which Todd Haynes has clearly never seen coming – that we follow Natalie Portman in the role of Elizabeth, a famous actress who comes to meet the woman she will play on screen. Gracie, played by Julianne Moore, made the front pages of the tabloids twenty years ago because she had an illicit pedophile relationship with a 13-year-old boy.

The teen has grown up (Charles Melton, seen inside). Riverdale), the couple went on to have children, but Gracie is still on the public sex offender file, and is hated by those who have not forgotten her story.

Todd Haynes explains it may december These films are related “Who ask questions and debate moral dilemmas. This is something important in cinema” But “It’s getting harder to make these kinds of films.”, But unfortunately more than the moral dilemma, it’s the soundtrack we’ll particularly remember from this somewhat flat film and it’s far from being one of our favorites of the week.

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