Finally, the 2024 iPad Pro will orient its cameras in horizontal format

Big news is coming regarding 2024 iPad Pro

Finally, the 2024 iPad Pro will orient its cameras in horizontal format
iPad 10th generation front camera

Apple plans to completely redesign the 2024 iPad Pro. The new generation of Apple tablets Will adopt a design restructuring for its Face ID front camera, Obviously there will be one horizontal orientation And will currently be located on the side of the iPad Pro.

That means, the front camera on the 5th generation iPad Pro (11″) and 7th generation iPad Pro (13″) will be in the same location as the 10th generation iPad. This design change is designed so that iPad Pro users use the tablet in a horizontal layout With a centered camera frame.

It is not the first time that it has been rumored that the iPad Pro would have a camera in this new location, This news dates back to late 2021, when it was suggested that Apple planned to change the orientation and arrangement of the cameras and Apple logo in a “future version of the iPad Pro.” Well, here we have it.

The iPad Pro can change its layout and its front camera to landscape orientation

ipad pro 2018

Apple plans to renew the design of the iPad Pro

First beta version of iPadOS 17.4 With which comes the fantastic and historic news of iOS 17.4, in which it has been revealed through lines of code that the next iPad Pro could have a camera aligned along the “longest” side edge of the device.

Apparently, the iPad Pro will have to have a horizontal layout when users are setting up Face ID on the tablet. You can read this in the iPadOS 17.4 development code as follows:

“During Face ID setup, the iPad must be horizontal with the camera at the top area of ​​the screen.”

There’s a solid reason why the camera in the iPad Pro is positioned in a vertical orientation – which makes it somewhat inconvenient during video calls – and that’s because The iPad Pro has magnets on the side for attaching and charging the Apple Pencil, Therefore its edges are also flat.

Other models such as the 10th generation iPad do not have support for Apple Pencil magnetic charging, so they may have the camera in a horizontal orientation.

Other news about the 2024 iPad Pro

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The 2024 iPad Pro will enter mass production in March

Apart from this peculiar design change in the iPad Pro, the new generation will also introduce other improvements such as OLED screenSome? m3 chips With a version with a 10-core CPU and a larger screen, up to 13 inches,

It is also rumored that Apple will implement a new 4-pin Smart Connector and possibly Wireless Charging and Reversible ChargingHowever, this is yet to be confirmed. This would also mean that the back of the 2024 iPad Pro will be covered with glass To facilitate this loading system.

The iPad Pro is expected to be launched in April 2024 with potential mass production during the month of March.

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